……what makes a good birthday?



I started my day with breakfast…


yogurt, muesli, and banana!

I had to fuel up because I went to yoga! I checked out agoya, a new studio in Sarnia that everyone has been RAVING about, and I LOVED it. The room was beautiful and the class was awesome. I’ve done the instructor’s class before (she taught at the studio I worked at here in the summer) but today’s was the perfect hour. Happy birthday to me! Sweaty (not hot) power yoga reminded me that I love yoga, plus I got to see some familiar faces so I definitely had the thought of “home sweet home”…

After yoga, I quickly snarfed leftover from last night’s dinner (black bean soup and ezekiel bread, noms!) and then my mom and I headed for the border (I’m aware that when I say it like that it sounds like we’re running away from the police or the government, but we were just running towards the mallllll!).

Speaking of running, I started off my shopping by trying on some shoes! I ran around the sports store’s stupid little track, but I’m not SURE if these shoes are right for me. I’m thinking of trying on some more before I bust these ones out, but I don’t like to doubt my decisions and of the couple I tried on there, I think these were the best! They’re Saucony (a new brand for me) Kinvaras. What’s nice is my mom, who cares naught about what shoes are made for but just that they’re comfy and a nice colour, says if I don’t end up liking them, she’ll take them! Whooh.


Sweet outfit, right?

We spent the afternoon browsing at Lakeside Mall, which is big and full of lots of clothes stores. Besides free candy canes, chocolate truffles, and way too many spritzes of perfume (were they trying to tell us something?), we didn’t buy the touch! I also got some stuff for Christmas at the sports store that will just have to be a surprise (eeeek! 1 week!) and I got a shirt at Forever 21 today that I’m sure will be in tomorrow’s pictures because I can’t wait to wear it! Sometimes I feel stupid for buying real clothes because I’d rather live in my lulus, but I make a point of getting dressed cuz otherwise I just don’t feel good. So I bought it on the grounds that I need motivation to put on pants that don’t have an elastic waist band. Fair, right?


My freeeee candy cane!

It was done of those days where you don’t really notice that you’re getting hungry (though somewhere in there I threw back a granola bar), but we always go to Panera Bread so when we were done our shopping we headed there, not really sure if we were hungry or not. We were…aha! I had a smoked turkey sandwich (with mayo) and an apple! It’s easy to eat somewhat healthy-ish there: ask for whole wheat, put your own sauce on, and ask for an apple instead of potato chips. Done, done, and done!



After the mall, we went to TARGET! My favourite. Canadians, you might not get it, but I’m sure if you’ve been there once you understand why I was SO excited. Besides granola bars and gum and cereal (that of course you can’t find over here), I got my big birthday gift: A CAMERA! I have to admit, I did not do much research and am relying on the advice of a few friends, family members, and the kid who worked at Target (probably on commission) but I went with a pretty expensive not expensive (i.e. the best of the cheaper I think) cameras that will work well for videos…I hope! It’s a Nikon something or other and I promise come Thursday when I can give myself a tutorial on it I will let you in on the details! For now, I refuse to read unless it’s my textbooks (or a magazine or blog, let’s be honest)!


Tired looking, but happy!

You know what having a light and early dinner means?


MORE ROOM FOR CAKE (and ice cream). I requested (and received) my favourite Turtle’s Cake (chocolate cake mix with pecans, melted caramels, and chocolate chips). I added ice cream (obvs) and had a big honking’ piece that was actually a little too much for me. Yes, it took a little reminding that it’s okay to have cake (especially on your birthday) and I realized that the really rich cake (which I’ve overeaten in the past) is satisfying and actually not something I would want to eat mass quantities of anyways…wow! Fake it ’til ya make it, a little, but I think I’m getting further along in this. A year or two ago, eating cake and then opening my card and sitting her blogging would have been impossible–I’d probably have been in tears, bingeing, or making myself miserable about it. OWN IT. I wanted that cake, so I had it.


I'm spoiled. And there's a theme here...

Tomorrow I’ve got visitors coming — cannot wait for the reunion — and I refuse to worry about my exam until Monday!

Lots is going on in my mind…about school, about grad school, about next semester, about training, about what I want to do when I grow up, about what I might be missing out on, etc….but I know what I need to focus on right now: feeling happy!

I just had the best birthday ever, and it’s time for bed!

Look at my sleeping companions…


Don't even ask.

How do you choose your running shoes?
What’s your favourite kind of cake?
How would you spend a day carefree?Ā 


6 responses to “……what makes a good birthday?

  1. Yay new camera!!!! I can’t wait to see how it takes pictures. I think you made a good choice! šŸ˜‰

  2. Sounds like an awesome birthday! Especially that cake… yum! Not that I would know or anything, since I’m allergic to Turtles and pecans. But I’d imagine they taste awesome! šŸ˜€ My favourite cake is my mom’s carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. Mmmm!

    Also it’s seriously like you hopped into my brain in this post. My running shoes are Saucony’s and I love them! Also I’m pretty sure I have that exact camera – is it a Nikon Coolpix S8100?!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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