Tasty at the time

Guess where I am?!

You got it…

This morning I could NOT sleep for the life of me, so I got up and made myself breakfast. Oats, egg whites, banana, and crushed almonds.

I need to do a deep clean on these dishes! Holy.

Next I studied, painted my nails, and watched the Today Show (surprise, surprise) til I went to the gym.


Christmas ornament hands... :)!


pre-workout snack

I started with a quick run on the treadmill and then I went to TRX, where the instructor kicked my butt with a “Kascade Workout” (she attributed it to Mario Lopez, I attribute it to me because it STRANGELY resembled my Apartment Workout countdown from bootcamp). We did power squats, lunges, and pushups on the TRX counting down from 10 to 5 reps then did some cardio, followed by 10 to 5 countdown of prisoner squats, split squats, and pushups. Then we did cardio, 5 to 1 of the TRX right into 5 to 1 of the non-TRX, and more cardio! We counted up to 10 on the TRX and finished with 5 minutes of kick your own butt cardio (I did jumping jacks, high knees, and burpies). I really wanted to quit, which is something I can’t say about most of the workouts I’ve been doing SO I’m grateful for the butt kicking but thinking come Saturday I’m going to be waddling like someone beat me up (cuz they did!).

warmup run


chocolate protein. yum.

My goal for the day is to make sure I get a stretch in! I want to be able to walk tomorrow..

When I got home and showered, I made myself a tasty lunch. It was really good at the time, but I feel a little off now. Come to think of it, I felt a little off last night after eating that salad with the beef leftovers today’s lunch was based around, so I’m wondering if it’s just not agreeing with me?

Anyways, it was tasty and I think if I made it with chicken I’d be satisfied and happy, not icky and blah. I basically swapped out the foreman grill part of making the quesadilla I showed a few days ago and microwaved the spinach, leftover meat, and cheese together so it was melty and came up with a taco instead! Topped with yogurt and salsa, it was probably one of the easiest lunches ever!

Step 1: microwave cheese, protein, and spinach

Step 2: add warmed filling to a tortilla

Serve with salsa and yogurt (or sour cream).

Time for me to get to work!

What’s the hardest workout you’ve ever done?
Have you tried TRX?
Do you like red meat? Does it like you?


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