Lighten up.

No, I’m not talking about my dinner tonight. I’m talking about needing a HAPPY, really not deep and insightful post to balance out this afternoon’s bigger post. Luckily, this afternoon/evening is all about taking it easy.

After I gave up on studying for the day, I had a snack/read other people’s blogs (I am becoming an addict and thinking I need to get a reader to keep them from my emails because I read them all the time!) and wandered Chapters.

I bought a few gifts (which have to remain unphotographed) and earned 40x the points on my plum reward card PLUS used a $10 gift card. I used the savings for myself, sadly, and got myself some goodies:

…breaking even is okay, right?

After that, I had a meeting and then came home and snarfed a chicken caesar salad with half a bag of croutons. Noms.

Now I’m doing laundry and settling in to watch Christmas Vacation. I caved and bought it on iTunes, so it’s downloading while I blog (it’s like I planned this).

I’ve also got laundry going and big, festive, anything but studying type plans for the night:

  • Christmas cocoa (cuz it’s in a festive mug)
  • Christmas card writing 
  • being comfy in my jammies

I'm 12. NOT about to turn 23.

I’m also resisting the urge to PACK or worry about what I need to take home this weekend. Yeah, I’m leaving London even though I have one more exam. With my birthday (and no plans in either city, FYI, nerddddddy much?) this weekend and my mom just getting home from Jamaica, I want to go home. I will just come back to write my exam on Wednesday, which means I do NOT have to pack everything I want for the break, just what I need for 5 days + my exam! And of course the things I need for my reunion with Tiana and Bonnie on Sunday, which is better than a birthday, let’s be honest, and is basically Christmas on the 18th. Can you tell I’m excited!?  I’m hoping to get into my old gym in Sarnia and to maybe get to yoga with an old fav instructor! My hamstrings can hardly wait!
How do you read your blogs?
What’s your favourite way to take a study break?
Do you send Christmas cards? Emails?  



4 responses to “Lighten up.

  1. I install software to read RSS feeds. Currently I am using RSSOwl. [ ]

    For lower-traffic, important feeds, sometimes I’ll ask wordpress or to email me a copy of new posts.

  2. Reading blogs is my favourite way to take a study break too. Although lately it seems like studying is my break from reading blogs hahaha.

    I LOVE your Christmas PJs! Are they from Old Navy? I almost got the PJ bottoms in that pattern. But I ended up going for the Christmas tree print.

    Have fun at home this weekend! 🙂

    • I laughed out loud when I read that studying is your break from reading blogs because I can totally relate!

      The jammies are from La Senza, but when I go home I have a pair that I keep there with CANDY CANES on them that are from old navy!

      Yay for holidays.

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