Rainy recap

Today was one of those days that was would have been perfect for studying.

I got up and got fancy in the kitchen–I made a protein pancake, something I’ve not made for what feels like years. Seriously, I don’t think I’ve made one in this apartment and I’ve been here for three years (scary!). Needless to say it was a guessing game…

the fixins-it's chocolate peanut butter protein powder

Protein pancakes a la Cheryl
(makes one serving)

1 scoop protein powder (flavour of your choice–I like peanut butter chocolate)
1/2 cup egg whites
1/2 cup dry oats (or whatever grains you like — I use spelt, rolled oats, and whatever else looks interesting at bulk barn)

Warm a sprayed frying pan on the stove.
Mix all ingredients in a bowl.
Add mixture to the frying pan, flipping when a spatula slides under without breaking the pancake.

Top with whatever you’re feeling for the day — suggestions include peanut butter, chocolate chips, berries, jam, maple syrup, pumpkin, yogurt…be creative!

FESTIVE! I totally copied Kath @ Kath Eats Real Food. 🙂

Enjoy, preferably with strong coffee and a cute placemat.

So that was yummy and awesome. And so was my workout, which started with some upper body weights (100% random, killing time) and finished with a super duper sweaty spin class! I refuelled after with the fruit that was missing from my breakfast but the banana brought back some nauseous so boo 😦 !

After a shower and some Christmas wrapping, I was ready for lunch! I used leftover brussels sprouts from last night with salmon and salad topped with my fav maple and pecans. You know the drill!

My stomach still felt off, but I headed to Starbucks to study and get my 2 pump pumpkin spice americano (decaf, of course) on.

I studied somewhat productively til an appointment this afternoon, then met up with a friend at the mall! I got to give her a Christmas present — the first one of the year — and was reminded of how much I a) miss her and b) love giving gifts, especially in cheesy gift bags. 🙂

Snacks this afternoon included a greek yogurt (nom nom nom) and an apple, which tide me over til dinner. I was going to have a stir fry with rice, but as soon as I saw the rice on my plate, I knew I was not interested. I went with a salad instead, topped with beef/mushrooms/onions, croutons, and dijon mustard. A little random, a lot delicious!

I’ve got plenty of studying I could do, but Meg, a friend of mine from school and an amazing blogger over at A Dash of Meg, nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award, which means I get to share some stuff with you…stay tuned for my version of her Seven Things You Didn’t Know about Me post and my own nominations.


Do you find it hard to study when an exam’s a week away?
Do you wish this snow was rain?
What’s your drink of choice at Starbucks?


4 responses to “Rainy recap

  1. you are so precious 😀 I love you! I want to get together soooooooo badly

  2. aah you guys go to school together! small world!! I like your Sbux creation – I usually just get decaf coffee, sometimes with a shot of flavor too 🙂

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