My apartment smells like farts.

If that title doesn’t catch your eye, I don’t know what would.

Why, you ask?

Dinner was a combo of a chicken breast, my roasted veggies from yesterday, and my favourite stinky veggie–BRUSSELS SPROUTS! I topped them with a little bit of margarine and some maple syrup. So good. So stinky.

This is a reverse post, apparently.

Here’s lunch…a food court greek salad with double chicken. It was probably too much.

Why was I at the mall?

OR celebratory shopping, whichever you’d like!

I submitted my Columbia application today. (“Submit that sh*t” was the alternative title for this post)!

My future is in the hands of the admissions committee (except I still have to take the writing test…eek!). My Canadian applications are next up, but after my freelancing assignment (which I wrote a draft of today — success!) and my exam next week (which I am DETERMINED to start studying for tonight). And this little thing called my birthday…which leads me to why today might have been the best day ever.

I have been carrying around a lululemon gift card forever. Like literally since this time last year, because it was for my birthday. It was a big one ($250) and I thought I’d used all but about $20 so I figured I’d get half a bra for free today. I’ve not bought anything at lulu since I quit, mostly because I’ve been too busy to go in but since I know they’ve got paris pink I went in. I thought I might get something for myself for Christmas.

I ended up dropping a lot of money and justifying it since it’s been so long and since I am a firm believer in retail therapy.

My inspires (1 of which will be from Santa, thanks) and some support and a fiery red tank. Because I'm fiery.

Happy with my purchases, I also picked up some wrapping paper to wrap my family’s gifts that I desperately need to ship with. I wonder if I have to pay an arm and a leg to get them to Calgary on time?

I’m gonna throw in my morning snack, which obviously brought me good luck and was delicious.

I’d recap my workout here, but I’m going to try a different post cuz I want to be organized, or something like that…stay tuned!

Are you shipping gifts this Christmas?
Do you shop at lulu? What’s your fav?
Do you prefer almond butter or peanut butter? Natural or the old fashioned kind? Crunchy or smooth? (This is the easiest question ever, I expect tons of comments!) 


6 responses to “My apartment smells like farts.

  1. Hey I just found your blog and I love it!
    I love how you like Lululemon as well…I actually work there so pretty much half of my wardrobe is lululemon, and I’m not complaining!
    Run inspire crops are so awesome – i have always been a sucker for the design and the material 🙂
    OMG I cannot choose between peanut butter and almond butter – that is like a life or death question. I suppose if I was forced to choose I would go for peanut butter!

    • I’m glad you found me!

      I used to work at lulu (but I quit right before Paris Pink and Currant arrived). I don’t want to turn into lulu addict (do you know about her?) but I might! Where do you work?

      I think I’ve bought 8 different pairs of run inspires. I wear them out and then buy more. And I don’t think I used my discount on any of them. I LOVE the stuff. I’d work there if I could fit it in and still have time to sleep.

      Thanks for the comment!

      • Hahah oh man you certainly are a run inspire addict.
        I’m obsessed with define jackets and cool racerbacks – I’m not sure how many I have…it is a sick addiction.
        Dude…lululemon addict is fantastic haahhahah.
        I work at the Lululemon at Somerset mall in Michigan!
        Paris Pink is currently my love; really anything pink is awesome if you ask me…this summer the colors were too muted/boring for my liking.

      • Believe it or not, I don’t own any define jackets! they’re not awesome on me. 😦

        I agree. I worked there all summer and couldn’t wait for HOT pink. Instead I did a lot of surge, which is fine. How long have you been there?

        I have shopped at that lulu before! I got my savasna wrap there on markdown 🙂

  2. Peanut butter.. Smooth.. And I have an issue with eating too much of it! If only it was fat free & calorie free & tasted just as good! Last week I went through a whole 500g jar & then I bought a 1kg jar (it was the better deal!!) but I am definitely being more careful this week..

    • Do you read peanut butter fingers’ blog? Cuz I’m sure you’d feel less like it was a problem then! 🙂

      Also, have you tried oats in a jar? I want to do it but I haven’t finished a jar in so long (probably because I buy creamy, crunchy, and natural creamy, natural smooth kinds and switch back and forth plus now I added the almond butter…5 jars of nut butter? I have a peanut butter issue!)

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