Apartment friendly workout

When I finished my freelancing assignment draft today, I was starting to feel the dinner hungries but wasn’t quite ready. Rather than heading to the gym and ending up starving by the time I got through a workout, I decided to do an at-home workout.

I live in an apartment building, so some classic at home options are out of the question (i.e. I’m not going to jump rope and piss off the people below me. Same goes for TONS of jumping/jumping jacks/burpies). If you’re in a similar boat, try this workout! It’s a take on one that I used to use at my outdoor bootcamp (fond memories, I miss it, maybe this summer we’ll have to bring it back!).

Warmup/Cardio 1: stairs (5 minutes)

Countdown 1: 10 squats, 10 pushups/9 squats, 9 pushups/…/1 squat, 1 pushup/10 squats, 10 pushups

Cardio 2: kettlebell swings (double arm, single arm back and forth) (5 minutes)

Countdown 2: plie squats, wide grip pushups

Cardio 3: kickboxing (punching, kicking, etc.) (5 minutes)

Countdown 3: jump squats, close grip pushups

Cardio 3: repeat your favourite (or combine all three previous options like I did!) (5 minutes)

Abs: ball routine (sit-ups on the ball, oblique sit-ups with the ball, ball passes, pikes, plank on the ball)

My heart rate was up the whole time, I was sweaty, and it was perfect.

Ideas to switch it up:

  • cardio = running, burpies, mountain climbers, jumping jacks, jump rope, running in place
  • countdowns = do clapping pushups instead of close grip pushups, choose exercises besides squats and pushups
  • abs = whatever you think will get you your six pack

What are your favourite at home workouts?
Do you care about your neighbours or roomies when it comes to workouts?
If you were at my bootcamp, I better get a comment on this one…do you like outdoor bootcamps? In Sarnia? Run by yours truly? šŸ™‚Ā 


13 responses to “Apartment friendly workout

  1. I love easy, take-it-with-you workout routines. Even when I am at the gym, I often do them.

    PS – A Dash of Meg nominated you for most versitile blogger…such a cool idea!! I can’t wait to read your response.

  2. I love doing at home workouts…usually I do the ones from Bodyrock.tv (seriously a fantastic website! check it out)
    Bootcamp is awesome outdoors, not so sure about it outside in the winter though….haha

  3. I love this workout!!!!! I usually do my running/cardio and my strength work in separate bouts (I just get too hungry after cardio hahaha), but dragging my butt to the gym AGAIN is just gross. At home workouts ftw! And I’m always looking for new strength routines – I don’t lift weights or lift heavy at all, so things that just use my own body weight and focus on range of motion are great. Thanks for this!! šŸ˜€

  4. Nice workout!

    I almost never do at home workouts because I never have the motivation to stick with it for longer than 5-10 minutes. I pretty much either need to go to the gym or get outside for a run, otherwise a workout ain’t happening. šŸ˜›

    That’s really considerate of you to consider your neighbours when choosing what sort of workouts to do! My roommate does a workout video almost every day and she must drive our neighbours CRAZY with all her jumping, especially when she does it at 9 or 10 pm. I’m not sure whether I should mention it to her or not?

    • I’d send her the link to my post–discreet! JK! I am so nervous about making anyone angry. One time last year during that mass snowstorm I was pumping my tunes and doing a workout and a girl from down the hall came down and asked me to take it down a notch. Instilled fear in me for life, apparently!

  5. Whew! That does look intense. Love the countdown idea!

  6. Cheryl I love this! Just what I need for during my travels. I’m always looking for more workouts to do without equipment since of course I can’t bring equipment with me while I’m travelling! I get bored of these types of workouts quickly though so I always need tochange it up. I think I lose motivation quickly too when I’m trying to workout alone in my flat. I miss having workout buddies!

    Is the countdown thing from 10 down to 1 and then back up to 10 again!?!? If so, that is super intense. Or is it just from 10 down to 1 (more doable haha)?

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