Energizer Bunny…

I wish!

Today’s been a go go go day though.

I was up early NOT on purpose but took the opportunity to review my notes one more time! I had a boring breakfast of Special K/Fibre 1, banana, and soy milk (I PROMISE to spice things up soon).


Crammed a little.

Fixed my brain a pre-exam snack of greek yogurt with honey….


no one should be this excited for yogurt, even if it is delicious!

…and aced my exam. 100%. JUST KIDDING. But it’s done, out of my control, and whatever.

When I got home I was STARVING (I think the girl next to me could hear my stomach growling) so I made lunch even though it was only 10:45.


Look familiar? Last night's dinner with a baked apple swapped in for the sweet potato. So delicious!

After lunch I was planning on getting right to work on my freelance assignment, but I realized my apartment was a pig sty:

I’d be embarrassed but I’m proud instead because I’ve got after photos!



I also roasted up some veggies and garlic. I devoured some when they were cooling, my bad, but I guess snacking on roasted vegetables is a step in the right direction, no?20111212-162548.jpg

My plan was to use them in a soup tonight but I’m going to do it tomorrow instead (maybe). I left them in a tupperware so I can just eat them as is, or in a salad, or whatever. noms!

Even though cleaning was therapeutic, I was still stressing to the max (and I don’t even really know why!). With the sunshine calling my name, I decided to go for an easy/steady jog.


It was perfect. I don’t know if a year ago I’d have been able to do such a short-ish (“half ass”) run but I don’t feel bad at all. Stress relief from exercise…isn’t that how it’s supposed to be?




 Once I got home and freshened up (i.e. put on my yoga clothes) I had a snack of carrots and peanut butter. Did okay with not overdoing it on peanut butter but can’t lie and say I didn’t have “extra”. Hmmph.
I interviewed a man at a solar water heater company for my freelance article and then headed to Moksha! I picked up a friend, which was nice, but we had a seriously full class so we were on opposite ends of the room. Zen nonetheless.
To get you up to date, I went home and snarfed a serious caesar salad with chicken, parmesan cheese, and croutons. I always want salad or stir fry or fruit or something full of water after yoga…I think it’s cuz I’m so thirsty! Whatever, I figured, and went with it.
Now I’m at Starbucks getting ready to do something. Freelance assignment? Maybe. Columbia application?  Perhaps. Blog post? You betchya.  It’s nice that my next exam is far away (or so it seems)…goal for the night: RELAX!
Do you feel extra thirsty after hot yoga? Do you like hot yoga?
Do you like to clean? 



4 responses to “Energizer Bunny…

  1. NOM indeed! sometimes the most boring of breakfasts really hits the spot….I swear I’ve been eating the same darn smoothie thing for like two months lol. and those veggies look sooo good, I’d totally be snacking on them too!!

    And YAY BIKES! you have two?? I’m actually hoping to get a bike for Christmas cuz I want to start cycling more, but I don’t know what I’m doing or where to look lol….maybe you can help?? what brands/models do you like and where’s the best places to find them (online? in a bike shop?)

    • I don’t know if I have any expertise, but my bike that I LOVE LOVE LOVE is a Cannondale. I bought it at a bike shop and rode it ONCE before I got it for a few minutes. I didn’t know what I was looking for and it felt comfortable (enough). NO regrets…it started out less pink than it is now and less ballin’ but I’ve upgraded things like wheels and pedals and changed some of the stuff on it depending on what I’m using it for! I have a road bike because I ride with a group of road riders, some people like hybrids (and they are losers), and I wish I had a mountain bike! The other one in the picture is an old one from SportChek or something and I really hardly ride it but see myself riding to the market, the mall, and campus on it (and not worrying about it getting stolen).

      Do you want to ride for fitness or for fun? Are there trails near you and do you want to learn mountain biking technical stuff? Do you want to go fast?<–get a road bike! Are you picturing a future century (100 mile) ride where we can have a blogger reunion?! Because I am and I bet my inspirational blogger friend Lauren who bought a road bike last year (and also asked for my advice, so it's working, muahahaha) would be so down!

      🙂 Sorry for assuming you're gung ho for this.

      Does that help?

      Last bit: like I said I upgraded. I didn't buy a cheap-o bike but I didn't spend thousands. The sticker price was 1999.99 but I got it on sale at the end of a season. 🙂 So that's middle of the road and has done me well, I am not slower because only part of my bike is carbon, and I look cute because it's pink. Simple!

    • I also didn’t realize I sleep with my bikes every night. Guess it goes to show I’m just a true cyclist or something like that! (or live in the dinkiest apartment ever…)

  2. Haha my stomach totally started grumbling during my exam too! The “no food during exams” rule is ridiculous. I don’t know who can go 3 hours without eating, but it definitely isn’t me. 😛

    My breakfasts are really boring lately too. All I ever crave is either oatmeal or yogurt + Kashi cereal. Whatever though. Why force myself to eat something “creative” if that’s not what I feel like eating?

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