Snacks, shopping, and studying

Successful studying…I’m right on track for where I want to be!

Successful snacks…greek yogurt (a new buy for me!), apple, and some samples I couldn’t turn down.



Free sample...caramel apple spice (yum) + gingerbread loaf (not so much)...I followed it up with an apple!

Unsuccesful shopping…but that’s okay!

Unsuccessful soup cooking (I’ll make it Tuesday, maybe?).

Successful salad….I threw a baked sweet potato, some salmon, crushed pecans, and my maple vinaigrette on salad for a quick dinner before I got starving. This means I have MORE time to read…joy.


I am just noticing what I don’t want to…my shin hurts. W T heck? This is where I get stuck with injuries. They keep nagging me, but they don’t bother me WHEN I work out. I don’t know. I keep thinking that my Around the Bay ambitions are over because I have a wee little pain, but the truth is I’m catastrophizing here! Even if I don’t run for a week or two now, I will be able to run again if I let this rest.

I’m going to see how it feels this week and decide what to do over the break! I know I could focus on yoga, swimming, spinning, and lifting weights without stressing it and still feel like I’m working out and getting that stress relief. I also know I want to run, so I’m going to ice it now and hope for the best!

I am still feeling loads better today than yesterday. Amazing what some perspective can do for you…

What’s your favourite “weird” thing to put on a salad? (Is sweet potato that weird?)
Do you like greek yogurt? Which brand? 


5 responses to “Snacks, shopping, and studying

  1. I love dried cranberries or mandarin oranges in my salad! They aren’t weird, but they aren’t entirely super common either. Yum!

  2. Sweet potato weird!? NO WAY 😀 I do that, too 😀 I don’t know if I put anything weird in my salad? I often like some all bran buds for some crunch? 😀

    Anywho, I usually use Liberte greek yogurt 😀 Well, not usually – ALL THE TIME. Good luck on your exam tomorrow beautiful gal 😉

  3. love all the pictures at the end! definitely glad you’re feeling better. As for your shin, I’ve had shin splints before so its good that you’re resting early – give it a couple days of ice, anti-inflammatories, and low-impact XT and you’re good to go. 🙂 My fave thing to go on salads…that’s tough, I ❤ salads. probably blueberries! And YES to greek yogurt!! Its got soo much protein, I almost never eat regular yogurt anymore! I usually buy Fage or Chobani!

  4. So I check your blog after only 24 hours and you already have TWO posts up? How the heck am I supposed to keep up with you? 😉

    How did you like the Greek yogurt? My absolute favourite is Liberte vanilla Greek yogurt! Or every once in a while I like to get the Oikos 2% vanilla – it’s sooo unbelievably creamy and delicious.

    Your salad looks awesome – I love putting SP on mine too! Actually, I like to put any kind of roasted winter veggie on my salads, like squash, beets, parsnip, brussels sprouts, etc. 😀

    Sorry about your shin, girl. I know how frustrating that is! I hope a week or two off running will help it heal up!

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