Just wondering…

I studied and I’m done, so don’t hate on me for posting AGAIN.

I even found time for a studying snack.

berries + chocolate chips = winner!

And some reflection.

I went back to an old program I used to use at Fitday.com, where you can track everything from your food to your weight to your moods, measurements, etc. I wanted to see just how much I am taking in (with my little extras) over the course of a day.

I hope the screen shot is read-able. But anyways, the calories are probably right where I should be to maintain (and my energy log with my workout and activities including sleeping, even) my weight, so I think I’m doing good.  Looking at the macronutrient ratios and remembering what I learned in my nutrition classes, I’m not doing anything crazy there either. I am eating a crap-load of fibre (pun intended).

When I thought about what it really meant, I realized I should probably also see where those macronutrients are coming from. So I figured it out and I think I had 3 servings of dairy, 4 of grains (low for me), 8 of f/v, and 4 of meats/alternatives with my chocolate chips, maple syrup, etc. as that 20% “fun foods” that I know I shouldn’t feel bad about!

Why am I posting this? Because today I’m pretty proud of how I ate enough, but didn’t binge, and how I took the time to just look at it instead of obsessing over it. I kind of confirmed that I am not eating 101209102910 calories a day as an explanation for my pants not zipping up yesterday. I also know if I stay balanced (with the holidays, extra challenge), I will find my happy weight!

All those goals I’ve been posting still go. Eat more whole foods added to the list. I was jumping around websites today and came back to Jillian Michaels’ advice to “Only eat things that came from the ground or had a mother.” I may have a love hate relationship with her but really this one makes sense. That being said, so does 80/20 approach. I used to always say I’d be the next Jillian, only smarter! I think I could still get there. Personal struggles leading to a rewarding career helping others? check. Past issues herself that make her all the more passionate? check. Attention seeker? check. Face for TV? check check check check check.

It’s time for pyjamas and some stretching because I think yesterday’s circuit is officially catching up with me. D  O  M  S!  I am thinking a yoga class might have to be substituted for my normal weights class tomorrow night! What a better way to de-stress after a day of exams + working on applications + my freelance assignment?

What do you think of Jillian?
What’s your favourite kind of yoga?
Anyone wanna go to yoga with me tomorrow?! Power, please!  


8 responses to “Just wondering…

  1. You remember correctly – your macronutrients are right within the acceptable macronutrient distribution ranges. Woohoo! 😉 How do you get 3 servings of dairy per day though? I made a goal to increase my intake, but I haven’t been doing a very good job of it! I usually have yogurt at least 1x per day, but I think it would be overkill to have yogurt for all 3 servings haha.

    What time are you going to yoga today?? And where? 🙂

    • 🙂

      I like soy milk so I count that as dairy and I use milk in my coffee now so that I am getting some nutrition and not just creamy calories! I also really like cottage cheese (sweet in the morning, or with salsa and crackers or stuff later on in the day).

      I loved the greek yogurt, actually!

      I’m going to go to Moksha at 5:30 I think, care to join? I told Megan and another friend, so now there’s no backing out.

      • Moksha’s schedule for the 12th shows a 5pm regular class and a 6:30pm power class.

        Are they running a special “school exam” schedule? Or is the web site just wrong?

      • LIFESAVER. Thanks for alerting me. Do you like moksha?!

      • I have enjoyed the Moksha program. I did not stop enjoying it rather I found different activities more compelling and similar routines more convenient & cost-effective for me.

        You’re welcome for the alert. I thought about joining in, however I was awake early and on campus for 7am pilates so I’ll have to see how I’m feeling later in the afternoon.

  2. Haha to be honest I love Jillian! I kinda love people who are really in your face about health….a lot of people need that these days ya know? so if you decide to be the next Jillian, I am totally all over that 😀

    And I’m glad you took the time to analyze your own diet! Honestly that’s not obsessive at all, that’s SMART. It helps you to realize that you ARE doing things better than you thought you were, and it gives you added confidence in what you’re putting into your mouth! I actually track my intake every day (since I’m trying to add to it), and it really helps to see whether my calories are enough, and it helps me tweak my macronutrient balance to see where my energy/workout “sweet-spot” is ya know? But I agree with the 80-20 thing, or 90-10 or whatever – what’s the point of life without a treat every now and then? eating for your mental health is important too! 🙂

  3. Cheryl, Sometimes I read this blog of yours. It’s fun to hear how other people’s day is going. I love Power Yoga as well. Rob has one of the best power classes, at MYL, I’ve ever done. I’ve always left his classes absolutely exhausted! I can’t go today, but I may go tomorrow/sometime throughout this week- Nice stress reliever!

    Lots of love.

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