Party time!

Here comes a big recap…I think I need to update BEFORE I study. Priorities, right?

Yesterday was a busy day…I went to TRX class, ran errands, met up to study with some girls I miss (AKA couldn’t really study with because I wanted to talk to so badly), made brownies (and ATE brownies–go me!), and then went to the Christmas party! Fun. Notice what’s missing? Studying…

I started off with a sensible pre-workout, penguin-themed breakfast.


Then I baked brownies which I topped with mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, skor bar bits, and holiday sprinkles.

After my workout and a few errands, I made myself lunch (I’d snarfed a granola bar and tested a brownie when I cut them). Instead of the exact same thing as Wednesday’s lunch, I made my chicken wrap caesar!


After lunch, I met up with my friends to “study”. When I got home I realized I was running really behind schedule and that I was really hungry for the brownie I’d NOT had as dessert after lunch (Ed thoughts, I’ll just admit it!).

So…I had it. Victory for me. Normal people eat brownies without consulting a host of people to hear that it’s okay, even IF they’re going to a Christmas party. So I did it, and everyone knows brownies taste best with milk…

After getting ready quickly I shared a cab with some girls to head to the girls’ party before the party…


 There was plenty of wine. It continued at dinner, which was delicious but HUGE (luckily I had a table of people to share with):








I am aware that it’s in reverse. Whatever, eat dessert first.
Secret Santa was awesome–I got probably the cutest gift I’ve ever gotten (yay Jason) but it only perpetuated my penguin problem.





After the party we went out, but I was pretty tired so left kind of early! I blame it on all the excitement…and the fact that I don’t go out that much! When I got home I made sure to have my gatorade and had some chocolate (reminding myself that it’s normal to have a snack after you go out…and that it could have been SO much worse/the brownie from earlier didn’t mean I had to sabotage myself).

All in all, I’d say it was a good day for me and a bad day for Ed. Seeing that I could do it once means I know I can do it again!


5 responses to “Party time!

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  2. eeeekkkk you look so pretty and dolled up. this post has me so excited for the highschool semi-formal i am attending. thx love xoxo

    • Thanks Sandra! I didn’t even brush my hair…but it was nice to put on a dress and to get out for an evening that was mostly Ed and stress-free. There’s hope. 🙂 Happy holidays! I miss you.

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