Sayonara semester!

To all my fellow students…CONGRATS on being done another semester. If there wasn’t this sense of impending doom (exams, etc.), I think there’d be a sense of accomplishment and maybe excitement at the fact that Christmas is only 18 days away!

Today went fast! I had a quick breakfast (yogurt, cereal, cherries that are uber expensive but delicious so I’m just eating them in small portions to justify it, and almonds) with a penguin theme…



…then I went to class, got some info about what’s on the exam, and got myself to the library. I realized I’d left my iPod in the classroom and had to shuffle back and started to notice something I’d ignored (okay, I noticed it) on the way to class…my right shin is bugging me. WTH. It’s like it’s just anticipating that I want to run more or something. I’m going to ice it tonight. I’m thinking maybe my slacking on stretching is behind it and I am promising myself to stretch more over the next week (study breaks = stretching…genius, no?).

 At the library, I had myself a coffee and a granola bar and tried to get down to studying business. I didn’t get as much done as I’d have liked, but I did at least START the process.


The trip to Weldon also marked my totally predictable homesickness. I hate the way people get so cranky here during exams, how everywhere is so busy with preoccupied students, and how much I wish I could be at home enjoying the Christmas season. So usually I go home. It takes a little effort to situate myself in Sarnia but it’s usually worth it. I also think this year it might help having people around to stop my bingeing, etc. (though in the past it’s actually been worse when I’ve gone home) but I really haven’t made a decision. If I do go, it won’t be til next week after my exam on the 12 and it will depend on where I’m at with my freelancing assignment and my grad school applications! My mom and her boyfriend are getting on a plane tomorrow to head to Jamaica for a week so I would be on my own there for a few days too…again, playing it by year!

When I came home I made myself lunch, inspired by Meghann’s post yesterday on Meals and Miles. Copycat! I had a chicken wrap with spinach and mayo and some carrot sticks. I also threw on some honey mustard once I started eating and realized things were a little bland!


The rest of the afternoon filled up quickly. I submitted my portfolio for grading — after making some last minute changes (thanks for the comments/notes on things!) and got to work on my solar hot water heating assignment. I talked to two sources, which is awesome. I used my new recorder and will transcribe them ASAP–but I took pretty good notes so it’s not going to be bad! Yay for learning about a new topic.


I had some David’s tea that I’m trying to use in place of coffee (Coffee Puer’h?, I think?). Thoughts on making the switch?


I ran a little late to teach spin class (playlist to come) and snarfed a banana in the car. By the time I was finished (and finished talking afterwards), I was STARVING. I ate a handful of pecans with brown sugar and margarine (I know, weird habit I shouldn’t admit to but I can’t lie to y’all and I want to own up…I’m not proud of this!) while I got my food cooking. After a shower I ate a monster salad with a stuffed pork chop and my go to squash creation!


Now I’m enjoying some Baileys relaxation before I hit the books. I think if I do some readings and get my notes organized I’ll be in good shape for a study date with some friends tomorrow afternoon. It’s going to be short and sweet I think because I’ve got to give myself plenty of time to get ready for the Gazette Christmas party!

Do you like to study at the library? at home? at Starbucks like me?
Do you drink tea or coffee? Neither?


6 responses to “Sayonara semester!

  1. Yay for being done! What are you doing next semester? Are you sticking around London?

    I always get super homesick around this time of year too – I just want to be home baking cookies with my family instead of being a slave to my textbooks. 😛

    I tried cutting out coffee earlier this semester and it wasn’t to hard! I really enjoyed decaf English breakfast tea in its place. But my whole reason for cutting out coffee was to try to sleep better. And that didn’t work, so I started drinking it again. I love the taste of it, I only drink 1 cup/day, and it doesn’t have any negative effects on me, so I figure why not?

  2. Well it’s more like 6 cups for me (eek!) so there’s a reason for me to cut back…it’s mostly decaf so it’s not the caffeine part that gets me, it’s the habit, the cream and sweetener I add, and how it’s making my teeth!

    I am staying here for the rest of the year — I’m just taking classes that don’t have exams! Yay for Writing and essay courses. I will keep working at the Gazette while I wait and see what is happening with J school (provided I man up and apply already!).

    Are you done this year?

    The thing with me getting homesick is that I usually go! I don’t know if it helps or hurts my marks, but it saves my sanity…usually. I hate decisions!

    • At least it’s decaf! You’d be bouncing off the walls otherwise. 😉 You should try some of the loose leaf herbal teas from the Tea Haus at Covent Garden market. Some flavours are so good that you won’t even miss coffee!

      I still have this year + next fall semester to go. Since you’ll still be here, we should should get coffee (or tea!) sometime. 🙂

      • Another reason for me to get to the market! Thanks for the suggestion. 🙂

        I’d love that! I also think a blogger meet-up is in order, plus I found your blog because I saw you on MEg’s I think, and you were with Andrea, who I also know. For a huge school, it’s a small world, eh?

        Happy studying.

  3. I pretty much always study in my room at university… I find it hard to concentrate anywhere else! And I’m generally a herbal tea drinker, but sometimes a girl’s just gotta have a coffee, especially if work has to be finished and its already 3 in the morning! I’m loving your eats today, they look yummy!

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