Tuesday trip to Toronto!

Home sweet home after a longish day!

I was up early so I had a quick breakfast and went to the gym. I figured why not, and it was a chance to prove that I can work out without doing a buttload of cardio or having time for a class or a “full workout” AND after breakfast (Ed said that it wasn’t worth it, that I already ate so I shouldn’t bother, etc.)…


I alternated time on the rowing machine with a circuit of squats, assisted pull ups, lunges, bicep curls, pushups with a med ball, med ball swings, med ball slams, deadlifts, triceps dips, plank up downs, and oblique sit ups. It was awesome. I finished with 10 minutes on the stair master.

After snarfing some yogurt and getting dressed, my mom and I left for Toronto!




We made it to the Eaton Centre with some time to spare and enjoyed the Christmas-y atmosphere and some lunch. We both had cravings for pizza so we managed to satisfy that pretty quickly. I can’t remember the last time I had pizza. I couldn’t finish the massive piece, and I had a salad on the side.




We went to the info meeting at Ryerson and I came out with a LOT of insight into what they want in applicants, what the program looks like, etc. I also got to hear all about the program, which I think would be good but probably not my first choice (sorry Toronto, NYC beats you, though I wish it was a 3 hour drive from home…). It’s good to have that info and I took notes because I don’t intend to work on the application til post-Christmas (it’s due on January 13).

After the program, we headed back towards our car and stopped for dinner at a restaurant in the Eaton Centre. As you can see, the menu was full of good choices, but I wanted something sweet (after sampling a Godiva chocolate, part of a brownie in Williams Sonoma, and a bite of a cookie at the info meeting, I had awoken a monster).


I settled on the Marinated Grilled Salmon (with mango relish–nom nom sweet!) and substituted the potatoes for quinoa, which was actually disgusting (sorry foodies, I’m still not convinced that quinoa is the be all end all, btu I’m willing to try it sweet for breakfast or maybe just cooked differently). Tonight the cold salad I had with it was too lemony and really…bad. So I filled my need for starch with a few of my mom’s sweet potato fries. Good thing she likes to share. And good thing I am okay with pizza and french fries in the same afternoon (eek!). Fake it til you make it.



We got lost leaving Toronto (surprise surprise) but had a second Starbucks of the day to help (oops) and made it home safe and sound. I’m glad to be home but exhausted and the chocolate monster got me as soon as I walked in the door. Instead of continuing to snarf chocolate chips, I decided to just make a healthy-ish dessert. Hard, hard, hard would be an understatement following a day of so many food fears, but I know I’m doing myself a favour. I have this feeling that even if I overeat now (and have double the “normal” serving by the time I just allow myself a treat), it will eventually get old and useless. If I don’t beat myself up (which I’m trying not to and am using this post to work through), my thought is that it will be pointless to use food as a distraction, right? So I made my fondue-like creation and have accepted that I may have overeaten tonight but that doesn’t mean I should keep eating, binge, or beat myself up. It doesn’t mean that I need to do extra workouts tomorrow or eat less, even though I hear Ed warning me about the Christmas parties, my birthday, and just all the good food around this month. Remember Ed, I have goals. I might have strayed from them today (lots of gum, lots of coffee, etc.) but I also challenged and won and am owning the fact that I had dessert tonight. I also realize I’m stressed because I feel overwhelmed with work for the rest of the week and with all the thoughts about grad school stirring up “OMG I’m growing up, this is scary” fears in me!


Now that I’ve accomplished something (this post), I feel like it’s time for me to go to bed. I was up too early and want to get a good rest so I can spend the first half of the day at the library studying and the second half working on my freelance assignment for Bankrate. Then I’ll be teaching spin (so get ready for a playlist) and hopefully cramming some more studying in tomorrow night!

Happy Tuesday. šŸ™‚

PS Here’s my chocolate covered pretzels recipe from today’s Gazette! If I don’t devour all the chocolates I bought to use, I might actually make these bad boys. I suppose I could always replenish because who doesn’t LOVE a mid-exam trip to bulk barn!?

Click on me to enlarge!

Do you like chocolate covered pretzels?
What’s your bad habit when it comes to stress–eating? Sleeping? watching youtube videos? shopping?


3 responses to “Tuesday trip to Toronto!

  1. Eaton Centre: Snow is the reason the Eaton Centre’s geese sculptures up near the skylight were not decorated, in case you were wondering.

    Cardio, done quick: I am experimenting with two different approaches to quick, effective workouts. (1) 5BX from the Royal Canadian Air Force’s past; and (2) a cardio-specific HIIT approach being called Peak 8. What do you think of these programs?

    • When I clicked on the Peak 8 site to check it out, it wanted me to sign up for something so I gave up — though I see it’s about flooding your body with a “youth hormone”…I’m still a youth so I hope my hormones are as they should be! Kidding a little..I looked it up and see what it’s about and it makes sense to me. HIIT in general seems to be really effective, but not really something I’ve tried. I kind of have liked spending a lot of time in the gym, the opposite of what most people are looking for. The idea that someone could be as fit as I am after slaving away for hours with only a short workout is kind of a slap in the face! 5BX is the ultimate in simplification!

      Do you find it hard to find time or are you just looking for the simplest way? I guess I am looking for something that’s more FUN for me than about max. results…

  2. Looks like a great trip to TO!

    I love chocolate covered pretzels (I love chocolate covered anything).

    Stress = Eating normally, but I’ve been trying to get away from that… instead, now I usually just sleep or try to chill out.

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