Worth sharing…

Hiya again!

Post one was from my first class, post two is from my second…ooooh bad habits. I’ll do better in the new year.

I wanted to post about a few random things:

  • Runner’s World Holiday Running Streak — I kind of wish I’d seen this earlier and am tempted to join in, but I don’t know if running every day when I’m trying so hard to NOT get injured is smart. Then again, an easy mile could be the clearing I need for my head and on days where I don’t have time for a “full workout” I think seeing that a 10 minute jog could clear my mind (and get me off my butt while I’m studying) might be great. So I’ll decide soon…thoughts?

    How cute is this picture?!

  • Joe Friel’s blog post “When Things Don’t Go Right” — this one was comforting, especially when I think about the busy times coming up and when I read that less than 7 days of messed up training isn’t anything to worry about, I felt so much better!
  • Feeling so much love from comments and things lately. I love this blog and even though I mostly write diary like entries and would probably write even if no one was reading it, seeing that people are reading it and getting comments makes me feel like part of a community, which is huge.  It helps when I read other blogs too! Thank you thank you thank you guys for posting such interesting blogs and for commenting on my posts. I updated my blogroll and am always looking for new pages to add, so stay tuned.
  • I’m getting excited for festive baking. I’m going to make either rocky road brownies this week OR a cake decorated as a tree, maybe. I’m also going to make chocolate dipped pretzels (we did a recipe for them in the Gazette for tomorrow’s issue–stay tuned or check out Martha’s recipe for an idea) and plenty of cookies. I just wrote up a draft about hosting a cookie exchange too. I want to have a gingerbread decorating party instead of my normal skating party as my one festive party this year, but I think a cookie exchange would be awesome! With a tacky sweater theme? I usually go ice skating for my birthday, but I think this year I’m going to do the gingerbread houses instead…Christmas and birthday all in one. 🙂
  • I’ve been looking at resources online about training plans and about staying injury free as a runner. I know for me it comes down to recovery and nutrition. So I need to sleep, eat good food, and try not to be so darn stressd. Sounds simple, right?
  • I had a little bit of an epiphany last night when I was feeling a little guilty for having chocolate. “100 calories of crap” doesn’t matter when the rest of my choices are healthy (ish). How many times have people said it’s 80/20 or 90/10 when it comes to moderation? Why can’t I apply that–that means if I’m eating around 2000 calories (I know I have more than this most days and need it), I’ve got at least 200 “junk” calories. So “100 calories of crap is okay” might be a mantra.
  • This morning, I used my food scale to weigh my cereal. I used the scoop I always do with the Kashi cereal and realized it weighs almost double what I assumed it did (since the box says 1 cup is a certain amount, I assumed 1/2 cup was half of that–crazy, I know). This PLUS the fact that I have been snarfing a few handfuls as I go (remember my December goal to eat sitting down?) made me realize I am really sabotaging myself. Without beating myself up, I think it’s a healthy goal for me to stop that behaviour and the fact that I might feel better about my choices as a result will only be a benefit.
  • Tomorrow is Ryerson’s Journalism program open house. I’m not stressing about being unable to make it to my normal workout and am going down early with my mom to go to the Eaton Centre beforehand. I love the mall at Christmas time (well any time, really but the decorations, I mean). This is one example of me putting life before workouts!

Would you do the Running Streak?
What’s your favourite place to shop for the holidays? 


4 responses to “Worth sharing…

  1. To be honest, I think the running streak is a great idea for people who don’t usually work out and need help being active….but for me, running every day would be a disaster. After being injured the past couple months I’ve learned a LOT about my body, and I know that it can’t handle pounding as well as some people can. I need at least one full day off per week, and probably one day of just zero-impact cross training a week – that + good nutrition + enough sleep will help keep the injuries at bay! 🙂

    And you’re totally right about the “100 calories of crap” rule! I just wrote a paper on the USDA’s Dietary Guidelines, and according to this, every human, active or not, usually has “discretionary calories”: ie, once they meet 100% DV of all the nutrients, they have a couple hundred calories before meeting their energy balance. And you can use this on candy, sugar, fat, burgers, beer, more healthy food, whatever. My theory is, if you have 200 discretionary calories a day….if using those 200 calories on indulging a sweet craving keeps you from binging on 500+ calories of a sweet craving you’ve been denying yourself, then that’s the BEST way to use them! So yes, I like your mantra 😀

    • I found this disclaimer–http://www.runeveryday.com/news/TheDangersofStreakRunning.htm–that really sums it up! I think you have to take all kinds of challenges and look at them to see if they’re really beneficial for you or not!

      And you summed it up perfectly. “if using those 200 calories on indulging a sweet craving keeps you from binging on 500+ calories of a sweet craving you’ve been denying yourself, then that’s the BEST way to use them!” I think just eating things in a normal setting on a regular basis is the best way to fight bingeing. I hear a voice say that it’s better to NOT have any treats on a regular basis during the holidays since there are so many treats and special occasions, but then I remember that with all those treats around, depriving myself is only setting myself up to go overboard on those occasions. Even if I ate dessert every day this month, I’d come out largely unchanged and probably far more mentally healthy than if I get into the restrict, binge cycle–even if the number of calories taken in is the same! Thanks for the comment 🙂

  2. That running streak sounds like a fun challenge! And mixing up your runs with some short 1 milers on your “off” days couldn’t be that harmful… right? But if you’re trying to avoid injury, maybe it’s better to err on the safe side. 🙂

    I like your “100 calories of crap” mantra! My problem is, I probably accumulate 100 calories of crap over the day just by taking bites and nibbles of random chocolates and snacks. 😛 I need to get better at just letting myself enjoy a full treat in one sitting.

    Have fun at the open house + mall tomorrow. I’m jealous – I LOVE the Eaton Centre!

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