Portfolio…done! Plus, my paper on “healthy living” blogs!

This is how you brag or blatantly self-promote online. I’ve just spent literally weeks working on this project for my Writing class, and like I mentioned before, I think it’s been the most useful course I’ve taken in my university career.

You need to check out my portfolio.


Do it.

In the future, I’m going to buy web hosting so I can just have cherylmadliger.com, I think. I also hope to keep updating it regularly and eventually to link to it when I pitch stories or apply for freelancing jobs! Like I said, this has definitely been a useful assignment.

I’m not sure how my mark will be. My classmates have some pretty impressive portfolios as well and I’m not sure if only including a couple of academic pieces when the course is intended as a culminating point for you studies in Writing at Western will affect my mark or not. Only time will tell. All I know is I worked my butt off and am happy with the outcome.

That being said, I’d love any feedback on it that you guys have. I know everyone’s busy so if you don’t have time to look at it, don’t worry. If you do though and if you find ANY mistakes, please let me know. I hate mistakes, but I’m a little sick of editing.

Especially looking for feedback on my feature, which I’ll link to here even though it’s in my Writing section of the portfolio. Since I wrote about health bloggers, I think it’s relevant. Please read it and give me feedback. Yell at me, tell me I’m stupid, tell me I’m awesome, tell me I spelt something wrong, or just enjoy it! I tried to make it look like a feature so hopefully it’s not boring to read/look at.

A Healthy Obsession: Are “healthy living” blogs creating eating disorders?


8 responses to “Portfolio…done! Plus, my paper on “healthy living” blogs!

  1. Yay! Congrats! I can’t wait to read it…

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  3. Awesome job! I love your healthy blog article. I don’t have time to read them all or I totally would! haha I love reading what you write. 🙂

  4. A Healthy ObsessionJust four things caught my attentionPlease credit your images. Claim them if they are yours; else give credit to others. (Page three pictures look okay; I’m concerned about the Philly group photo, and if the clipart-like computer on page one was really clipart in the public domain, or something from a random web picture gallery.)Typo immediately below Philly photo: Three years after STAR[t]ingLast page, left column, a portion of the bottom paragraph is left aligned vs justified.Do you need an article in your mini-bio at the end? “Madliger is [a] journalist” (Is there a name for this sort of miniature author biography?) I enjoyed your flow and organization. It read like a debate: claims, defence, RD Martin as a referee, and then, I suspect, injecting a little opinion with quoting Doll & Martin about honesty and disclosure.

    Portfolio: Looks good to me. I like how you use pages for each topic, add a description, and then provide bunch of links/screen shots.

    cherylmadliger.com: I have just a little experience in domain names. Here is a way of separating related concepts that is, in my opinion, valuable: domain registration (leasing a memorable name); the registration records (make your name point to your content), web hosting (your content + service provider features, e.g. PHP for wordpress to run; or just pointing your registration to a wordpress.com blog and letting them run their own blogging platform for you). The first two concepts are related–the registrar with whom you purchase the lease should provide an easy way to update the registration records. Your content can be anywhere; free hosting does exist (often with some scripting capabilities and the option to upgrade into a paid account for additional features). A few companies offer all the services together. This can be convenient, but then you’ll really want to keep your own backup (of content & registration data) in case of trouble; if you use different companies for different parts, then switching away from a troublesome company or user-unfriendly interface is easier. If you have a computer that is literally always online, then you might host your own content. (You’ll probably have a dynamic IP address. There are services like freeDNS and dynDNS to which you point your domain registration, and these services act forward incoming requests to your computer.)

    • Thanks. I think I am going to hold off on hosting right now, but in the future I’ll keep your advice in mind.

      Also thanks for noticing those things in my feature. I want to add a couple things in so I’ll fix it all up today before I submit.

      I literally added the pictures at the very last minute. If I was actually publishing it, I would ask Haupert for photos and probably take a photo to use in the title graphic myself. For the time being, how would you source things I literally got off google images or another website (i.e. the Healthy Living Summit page)?

      • My apologies for the formating of my comment. It seems ordered list html codes are not accepted in comments.

        Citation by URL seems to work.

        Haupert made her images available to the public on the internet. The internet works by you receiving a copy of the file and your computer displaying that file. Thus, she gave permission to the public to make copies. This is my interpretation of copyright law. I feel you gave her reasonable credit. (I just spotted that your spellchecker’s underline of Haupert’s name is present in the PDF file.)

        A link/URL for “httphealthylivingsummit.com” near the image should suffice. Same deal if they make it available. I see they themselves don’t credit the photographer.

        The section of the Copyright Act which I am interpreting is in s.27(1) for the phrase “without the consent of the owner of the copyright”. The way the internet works, you have consent to copy. I think it’s the re-publication for which giving credit is a nice way to link back to the source; if you call your work ‘news’ (s.29(2)) then you do not need permission but must give credit.

        See the start of s.29 for what may be academic use. Citation satisfies the academic requirements, and as you say, you’re not trying to publish anything. (However, by uploading content to the internet, you are publishing).

        Curious about the proposed changes to the copyright act being rammed through parliament? See this article on the privacy implications.

      • Thanks again!

        I didn’t read over my own little bio but maybe people would assume that mistake was someone else’s fault since it was in the third person. JK JK. I appreciate it.

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