Dreaming, planning…

Now that I feel like I’ve got myself in a good place in terms of the big things: I’m going to finish my Kin degree in 12 days, in one month my Journalism applications will be done and the future will be out of my hands (I’m coming up with some back up plans for next year if I don’t get in, but hoping and praying that I do, obviously), I feel much better. Sure, things are still scary and I’m not really loving not knowing where I’ll be one year from now, I am learning to be okay with it and nOT to distract myself with food/exercise drama.

I know that I’m going to figure things out…and now that I had a good run this weekend and realized that I like training and running with people, I am ready to register for some races. My plan is to train conservatively and to run SLOW, because I really don’t want to get into the injury trap like I have in the past. Last year, I registered for Around the Bay but my foot got bad and I didn’t end up running it. Call this my stubborn-ness coming through, but I’m going to do it this year…

  1. Resolution Run 10km –> Sarnia on December 31
  2. Hypothermic Half Marathon –> Sarnia on February 5
  3. Around the Bay 30km –> Hamilton on March 25

I talked with a running friend who runs her own running coaching business in Sarnia (scroll down to Stefania’s bio) about doing the races and she stressed the importance of running plenty, running slow, getting good shoes, taking time to stretch and do strength training, and being ready for a chilly day at the races.

I will, like I said, take a different approach this year. I’ve mapped out my long runs and I think with my teaching (2 spin classes per week), if I add 2 or 3 more runs and 1 or 2 rest days (or yoga days), I will be able to stay injury free. I know that a huge part of my inadequate recovery last year was probably emotional stress, poor nutrition and lack of sleep, so I’m focusing on:

  • getting good shoes (easy, and I get to shop!) — I’m going to try running in a different brand besides my normal stabilizing Asics
  • strength training — I’m going to follow Kara Goucher’s advice and do 2 targeted sessions a week, plus I’m hoping to do one or two classes a week (so three or four strength sessions weekly)
  • stretching — after my runs/workouts (I need to commit to this one) and at night with some foam rolling thrown in (I think this will help me transition to bedtime and relax too!) as a priority
  • yoga — on recovery days if I am feeling antsy and prioritizing it. I know there are Yoga for Running classes out there and I’d like to try one. Maybe this is something I’d like to end up using my YogaFit certification to teach?
  • sleep
  • nutrition — especially around my workouts, because I want to feel good on my runs and recover as optimally as possible. I also feel smarter about eating intuitively but following sound practices and fuelling my body as a runner!

I’m full of excitement here, and I think this is a HEALTHY way to distract myself. Unlike in the past, where I’d focus on losing weight or working out as much as possible, training is a way that I can feel in control without getting obsessive.  The fact that I’m going into it without concern for running really fast or being perfect in my training makes me confident I’ll get to the races smiling.

Do you like to train for races?
Wanna run these with me? 



3 responses to “Dreaming, planning…

  1. Here’s my race plan:

    April 22 – Yonge Street 10k
    .. April 29 – Waterloo half (this is a big maybe, only if I feel ready since it’s in Waterloo it’s convenient)
    May 27 – Toronto Women’s Half

    • That could work! You could run the first one as a training run and then try to get a faster time for the second? Not that you need to run the full distance in your training, but if it would help your confidence. Also not suggesting that you need to “race” for a good time, but I know you’re ambitious so I have a feeling you’ve got a time goal? Mine right now is to run injury free with a smile on my face!

      • Toronto/Yonge St 10k is mostly downhill on pavement. That’s FAST, and hard enough to let me hurt myself very easily (after spending a semester water running and just a few weeks back on land).

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