It’s better with background music

Listen to this while you read about my day:

Today was the last day of publishing at The Gazette (Wednesday’s issue is ready to go, we work ahead of time), so I had a pretty busy day writing things and going to class. I took time for a snack at the library this morning and made sure to act on those goals of mine and had an apple with almonds (balanced, right?).


nom nom

I got home this evening and managed to put the finishing touches on my portfolio. It’s done. I know you know because I dedicated an entire post to it. Read my feature and give me feedback, please!

I made myself a quick dinner because I was heading to the gym and had had some chocolate to tide me over. I think I went over my “100 calories of crap” aim for the day, but whatever. 10% of 2,000 (arbitrary) is 200, so there. And Hershey Kisses are irresistible. My dinner is even more un-photogenic than I thought it would be, but it was delicious. I took a toasted whole grain bun and used some of last night’s spaghetti/meat sauce (meatless Monday, my apologies) with cheddar cheese to make a kind of meatball sub variation (with extra veggies in the form of zucchini and mushrooms!).


spaghetti sandwich? better than it sounds...or looks. sorry, guys.

Dinner sat pretty well even through a tough class at The Athletic Club. I did a mile on the treadmill to warm up, followed by about 45 minutes in the class (lots of squats and things again) and then finished up on the elliptical to give myself an excuse to read a magazine.

I am back on daily mile with my workouts. I figure since I’m training for something now (though I haven’t registered for the races yet), I might as well keep track of it somewhere fun! I will hopefully get organized with my posts and include a recap on Saturdays or Sundays looking back at things, something I’ve seen and liked on other blogs.

Once I was showered and comfy on my futon, I had a snack that I think is worth sharing (I’m realizing pictures of the same breakfast every day are boring–apologies), especially since it’s a mix of nutrition and “fun” foods.


Banana with honey, crushed almonds, and milk chocolate. Simple and delicious with nutrition, too!

Now it’s nearly bed time because I’ve got a big day tomorrow. Tonight was the perfect relaxing night after working so hard on that portfolio and I know I’ll be ready to start studying come Wednesday. Holy crap, this semester is gone…I literally have one more hour of class left ’til I’m done all my required kin courses to graduate. Don’t worry, I’ll be back next semester though. Anyways, I’m off to bed. Tomorrow’s going to be fun but day trips to Toronto make for a tired Cheryl. Look out, Toronto! Pray the snow is on hold tomorrow and comes back Wednesday, please?

What’s a new snack you’ve tried lately?
Do you track your training? How?

PS: Here’s a link to Lauren’s Santa Shuffle recap, complete with pictures! Since I know you’re all dying to check me out, you might as well see her awesome blog along the way — she’s one of those bloggers I copy look to for inspiration.


3 responses to “It’s better with background music

  1. MMMM I love all your noms today! You definitely did a good job of balancing the nutrition with the treats – and yes, hershey kisses ARE irresistable! 😀 And yay for DailyMile! I track my training on there as well as in a handwrittten training log…..too bad my training is stupid and injured right now haha.

    • Mostly treats today. Good thing nutrition isn’t on a daily basis but more of a continuum! That’s one thing I learned/retained from my year in foods and nutrition…organic chemistry not so much…

      I want your injury to leave you alone ASAP, btw! Wishing you a speedy recovery. 🙂

  2. New snack: PC Black LabelVenezuela Origine Dark Chocolate couverture.

    I like semi-sweet/bittersweet dark chocolate. PC Decadent Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips make Hershey Kisses seem very waxy and sweet. These new, dark chocolate chips do the same to the PC Decadent chocolate.

    Health benefits: Dark has nothing artificial, whereas Decadent has artificial flavour and soy lecithin (an emulsifier/lubricant).

    Pocketbook drawbacks: Years ago I set for myself an artificial upper target of $1/100g for chocolate products. These new dark chips were more than double that but I really wanted to try them. (My spending spree continued with half-priced pints of Haagen Dasz – so I picked up two. Sampling such rich chocolate slowed me down: The ice cream remains for the future. Why this brand? I’m avoiding artificial products; is making me re-think a few things.)

    Tracking training: (Disclaimer: I’m not training for any athletic/competitive events.) I’m slacking on My human-powered commutes (about a marathon distance each week) is not worth typing in. It’s a lot of distance, but a nuisance to accurately enter (even with saved maps). Most of my activities have no applicable distance measurement which almost further discourages me from entering them.

    My agenda book has much info (sleep hours; what I do; what I skipped doing; library call numbers I want to find; some food notes; etcetera) so I can analyze the past when needed. A few weeks ago I had to count that I’ve attended 73 of a certain kind of class over the past year. I like that kind of accuracy.

    Random fun: has slideshows listing bodyweight exercises, fitness myths, and what they claim are intense workout songs. I hope you also find them interesting.

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