Birthdays, Santa, and Sunday!

ugly but delicious: kashi, All Bran, apple, and melted peanut butter!

I went to the grocery store and Chapters this morning. I bought myself Santa found me a book for under the tree and I got the new issue of Runner’s World. Love. At the grocery store, I got lots of goodies and a really pretty poinsettia to make it feel even a little more festive in my apartment!


I had lunch and then worked on my portfolio for a while this afternoon.


Continuing the ugly theme: turkey sandwich with pickles. Boring.

Later on, I went for a run on the trails. It wasn’t a bad run, but I got followed by a creeper on a bike (called my mom in tears, decided to get pepper spray in my stocking, haha) and got soaked in the rain. I am okay with rainy runs so long as I’m out before it starts pouring, and that’s what the case was here! I also got my Garmin uploaded onto my computer today (Thanks for the inspiration, Lauren).

After my shower, I wanted to go to the mall but I knew better than to go without eating so I had a quick snack and headed out.


yogurt with graham crackers NOM!

I spent longer than I meant to at the mall, but I popped into lulu for the first time since I quit (no purchases, just good to see familiar faces) and ran into a girl from home. It was the perfect distraction.

When I got home I was ready for dinner. I’d bought a hugh jass value pack of ground beef so I cooked it and then got a little creative with dinner and leftovers to eat this week and freeze. Going into exams, it’s nice to know there’s things ready if I don’t feel like cooking!


Taco salad--lettuce, tomatoes, ground beef, cheese, chips, and salsa/"sour cream" (yogurt). missing = olives 😦

Eating nachos for dinner was a little bit of something I had to talk myself into, but they’re made with organic chips that are mostly flax seeds and I used yogurt instead of sour cream. So there. I think having dessert (the gingerbread cupcakes were delicious, and even better with vanilla ice cream) last night after the incident on Friday was victory number one, this is number two!


Had to use up some zucchinis and all that ground beef! Solution = spaghetti sauce!

Speaking of last night, here are some pictures!





Now I’m enjoying some chocolate and telling myself (yet again) that it’s better to have a little now and feel okay about it, own it, then to deprive myself and have a lot all at once and feel guilty about it. Faking it til I make it, a little!I’ve got some registering to do…you should be on the edge of your seat. This week’s busy but I’ll make sure to update you…stay tuned!

4 responses to “Birthdays, Santa, and Sunday!

  1. YAY for successes 🙂 so proud of u girlie

    Ooooooooooo I looooooove Chapters 🙂 And I love the Christmas pics AND food pics 😀 Way to make my mouth water 🙂

  2. Yay for victories!! It looks like you had a lot of fun last night! 🙂

  3. Ahh that’s so scary about that creeper! Where were you running? Good call on asking for pepper spray. 😉

    Your nachos look so good! I may have to copy that idea.

    PS. To answer your question – did you mean Covent Garden market? If so, yes! 🙂 I’m obsessed with that place!

  4. Yes, I did! I have had it on my to do list to start going there for so long.

    I was running on the TVP! I’ve never felt unsafe on the trail before. It was under the Ann street bridge 😦 and it was in broad daylight. I think I’ll be running in Springbank more often from now on.

    Do you run through the winter? I wonder how the trails are…

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