Santa Shuffle and Sarnia


This morning’s Santa Shuffle was perfect: sunshine, costumes, and free hot chocolate! I ran with Lauren, who blogs about her training at, her sister Alex, and some of their friends. I had automatic friends to run with — awesome. I also saw lots of familiar faces from tri club–Rachel I think won the race but was too fast to find after (just kidding, she had to work) and Kory and Lori and some other people from school.

We took lots of pictures, most of which will come later, but they’ll come! The London Free Press snapped a picture of us too — check it out:

Aren’t we cute? Lauren’s creation for her and Alex’s outfits stole the show, no question!

It's been too long!

After the run, we had free hot chocolate at Jim Bob’s while they raffled off prizes. None of us won 😦 but it was still fun and the hot chocolate hit the spot! I got to try a bite of the gingerbread timbit that was tempting me yesterday at Tim Horton’s. Yes, I still like gingerbread, even after last night.
I did weights at the gym after, showered, and made it to Sarnia this afternoon. My workout was 3 rounds each of a circuit for lower body (squats, lunges, dead lifts, and jump squats) and upper body (pushups, rows, dumbell swings, and thrusters AND bicep curls, tricep dips, situps, and mountain climbers). Short and sweet and to the point.

Lunch was random (not on purpose): hot chocolate and timbits, a granola bar, a banana, and yogurt topped with those little gingerbread mans. Nom nom.
Now my mom and I are making dinner, decorating the tree, and waiting for the Santa Clause Parade. Last year it was so cold but I think this year will be much better, and we bought hand warmers to help.
I feel ten million times better than yesterday–this morning was the perfect pick me up.  Thanks for all the support, PS!

4 responses to “Santa Shuffle and Sarnia

  1. WOOOT!!! so glad you had fun at the Santa Shuffle! Did you know that race was actually featured in the last issue of Runners World? for reals! And I absolutely LOVE your costume. And all that gingerbread. All you do is win! Hope you’re having a good time with your mom – parades and decorating trees are the best! Aand now I need to go catch up on your December Goals lol!

  2. baaaaaaaabe I am soooo behind on my reading 😦 I am so happy you enjoyed your morning 🙂 What cute pics! And I hope you are enjoying decorating your tree 😀 I had so much fun decorating mine 😀

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