December goals

Inspired by my fellow bloggers (Meg, Bonnie, so many more this week), I think I should set up a few goals for myself for this festive month of December.

Here goes:

  • Limit myself to one calcium chew a day: I take the Viactiv chews because I worry about my bones, but lately I’ve been having more than the recommended 1-2 chews/day. With all the dairy I eat, I don’t think I need to take two, let alone three or even four some days. Scary! I’m going to have one and leave it at that.
  • Give up my gum-chewing habit: A pack a day habit is bad, whether it’s cigarettes or gum. I often chew two pieces at a time, which explains a little why I go through so much gum, but I think this is an old Ed-habit that needs to go bye-bye! I’m going to stick to one piece at a time and only chew gum after meals to freshen my breath.
  • Commit to three weight training sessions per week: This will help me feel strong, motivated, and accomplished at the gym. If I’m lifting weights, the need to do insane amounts of cardio will subside since building muscle isn’t really compatible with trying to burn a bajillion calories. I also hope that lifting weights instead of doing so much cardio will help my moods, my appetite, and just how I feel this month so I can enjoy the holidays.
  • Have one decaf coffee per day: Yesterday wasn’t too bad with two (albeit they were huge) decafs but some days I have three or four, not including my morning cup of coffee. Like the gum thing, I think this is just an old habit I’ve hung on to, but I think it might be throwing off my hunger cues and is expensive and bad for my teeth! I will try to have one and then if I really need a hot drink, I’ll go for a tea instead.
  • Enjoy parties, keeping moderation in mind: I am going to limit myself to 1 or 2 drinks at each party I go to. This will help me when it comes to fighting off Ed, who rages when I’m feeling alcohol and my guard is down. I will have dessert when it looks good, will remember that cookies can count as a snack, and will focus on the people, not the food!
  • Eat sitting down: Looking back, I realize how much I take in every day while I’m getting my food ready. A couple bites of cereal here, a spoonful of peanut butter there, a few slices of cheese too. I know it’s not WRONG to eat a little while you’re getting your meal ready, but I also know that if I eat before I’m ravenous, trust that I can always go back for more, and leave Ed out of the picture, I don’t need this behaviour, which I think is a way of sabotaging (if I overeat by eating extras like this on top of my meal plan, etc. and end up gaining extra weight or feeling bloated, etc., then I  Ed can blame the meal plan for making me miserable).
  • Eat 5 to 10 servings of veggies a day: This means i’m going to have to get creative. Lately I feel like I’m in a food rut: dried fruits, apples, and salad. I don’t cook interesting veggies very often and I’m not sure why that is. I can achieve this goal by adding in new recipes and ways of eating fruits and veggies (tomato juice maybe? shredded carrots in my sandwich? pumpkin in my yogurt?). Adding this is adding nutrition and this is one way that I can focus on ADDING instead of limiting, which is Ed’s favourite thing to focus on (notice that I’m not GIVING UP gum, coffee, cardio, etc. but am just becoming more CONSCIOUS and limiting it to a more moderate amount).
  • Get 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night: I’m not going to get up at 5am. Period. This will help my studying, moods, eating, energy, etc.
  • Take things one at a time: I have a lot of important things this month (applications, essays, and exams) but luckily they are pretty spread out. Worrying about the ones that are later on will only distract me from focusing on the ones I need to tackle now.
  • Spend time with family and friends: Just because I’m busy is no excuse to hibernate. I can take time off and I will likely be more productive in the time I do work if I feel like I’ve been good to myself and am not missing out on things (parties, traditions, etc.).
  • Enjoy the holidays, food and otherwise: I’ll have some Christmas cookies, some egg nog, and hopefully a few holiday dinners. But more importantly, I’ll have fun with people who I love.  This year, I want to remember the things I did and the people I did them with, not the food I ate or didn’t eat, the workouts I did or didn’t do, or the pants that fit or didn’t fit.
Wish me luck!

What are your goals for the holidays?


8 responses to “December goals

  1. Great goals! And a great idea too. Perhaps I should make a list!

  2. 1. Calcium requires vitamin D. Are you getting enough vitamin D? (link goes to a research project coordinated by a lady recently interviewed on CHRW‘s 11am health talk show)

    2. Gum: How about raw veggies? Half a carrot or celery stalk? I find find this filling, almost equivalent to tooth brushing (which I’ll often do on campus; I got my brush holder from the UCC pharmacy).

    3. Weights: What sort of plan do you follow?

    4a. Coffee: Friday’s Gazette (v105 no51) had an illustration/chart by Maddie which highlighted the additives (especially sodium) in some commercial beverages. I use a recipe from my cocoa powder’s package: 1T cocoa, 2T sugar, and a cup of hot milk or water (I use water to get just a rich cocoa taste). [pause for number crunching] It’s like the ultra-low sodium version of the lowest-caloric drink in the Gazette chart. The cocoa powder is a tiny source of both protein and fat energy, so I know exactly what’s in my drink and get a more sugary chocolate taste than I could buy.

    4b. Water: Have you tried adding apple cider vinegar to your water bottle? Aim for as little as you can pour out of a half-teaspoon measuring cup, for your first time. I find it is an acquired taste. I seem to remember one of my high-profile coaches thinking it increases metabolism. Whatever. It’s an alternative to buying whole limes or lemons for just a small squeeze of juice for flavour.

    5. Parties: I enjoy the talking and dancing varieties. Combine those activities, and I have to eat beforehand to make sure I can keep on dancing.

    6. Eat sitting down: I like your idea of eating before feeling anything stronger than a passing interest in eating. FYI: The concept of sitting down to focus on food appears in some religious teachings.

    7. Veggies: Is it wrong for me to eat a kilo of trail mix each week? What could my body possibly be so desperate for that is in trail mix? Oh, and bell peppers, like celery, make great holders for peanut butter and are quite portable!

    8. Sleep: I believe routine is key and should follow the natural daylight/darkness cycle to some degree. Additionally, if you shift your computer screen to red to mimic sunset, then your brain won’t be quite as artificially stimulated by blue wavelengths which may make it easier to fall asleep more quickly.

    9/10/11: Both time & relationship management elude me.

    • I think I’m getting plenty of vitamin D. I don’t actually think I’m missing out on any big vitamins right now, and I had bloodwork done not too long ago to check things out (though I know bloodwork doesn’t show you everything). I also feel pretty good, for the most part…

      Right now my weights plan is so random it’s sad. I am telling myself that if I can make it to the gym for a muscle class OR to do a circuit (at the gym, at home, whatever) even though they’re not the same as actual “training”, it’s a starting point. When I took the personal training cert through the Kin program, I was loving actually lifting and following a plan. Any suggestions?

      Thanks for the comment!

      What kind of trail mix? I used to be obsessed with a few different ones–one from Bulk Barn and another from Costco. But I’ve moved on… so rest assured that there’s hope!

      • Weights suggestions: I’m happy to suggest / discuss if you are game for sharing your goals.

        Weights generally: I still remember the LOC call number: GV546 (especially the oversized shelves) although I stopped reading those books years ago for no particular reason. I remember liking Sculpting her body perfect and see there is now a third edition.The ACE fitness instructor books were across the aisle. One semester I followed a periodized program, probably from a Human Kinetics volume like Bompa’s Serious Strength Training (or maybe his Periodization for sports?). That seemed to work for what I wanted at the time (upper body size). I’m liking (however little I’m doing of) body weight work now, and realized the hard way that 100 pushups daily will cause a front/rear torso imbalance.

        Trail mix: The nearest store to me carries no name brand ‘original trail mix’ (peanuts, raisins, sunflower seeds, almonds, cashews, and pumpkin seeds). Your mention of bulk barn reminds me of a friend who’d go shopping and mix her own. I suppose she got bulk prices and saved the GST.

  3. LOVE these goals!!! I think they’ll all help you feel a LOT better about yourself in the long run, though they’ll be hard habits to kick! I used to have a huge gum problem too (and yeah when I had ED I’d chew literally 2-3 packs a day), but I just quit cold turkey and stopped buying it – now I don’t chew it cuz it wrecks my stomach.

    And the calcium chew thing – we have the opposite problem. I don’t like dairy (I’m lactose intolerant AND soy intolerant, fun stuff right there), so all I really eat of it is greek yogurt…but I also hate hate HATE those calcium chews! I neeeeeeeed to be taking them for my bones but…blehh they make my stomach feel funky :(. We would totally even each other out lol!! BUT if you’re looking for more incentive to cut back…your body really can’t absorb 2000mg of calcium at a time. Take just ONE chew at a time….and really if you eat a good amount of dairy, you probably don’t need more than 500-1000mg of the chews. Also remember that if you take a multi, that’s got calcium in it too!

    • I think I’m going to go cold turkey too. Thanks for showing me it’s possible!

      Even the chocolate kind gets you? I love them. What about tums or just taking it in a pill/multivitamin?

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