Ch ch ch changes!

Hey! You may notice something different about my blog — it’s missing the “.wordpress” in the address! I took the step of buying the domain. I guess that means I need to keep eating, playing, and luv-ing for the next year or so. Shouldn’t be a problem!

This morning was a pretty relaxed morning. I woke up feeling rested and had some breakfast before trekking to campus in the snow.


Kashi, All Bran, Activia (vanilla)/Astro (plain) yogurt, berries, and pecans!

My prof for my 8:30 class had something to do at 9:00am so our class was short. Rather than be angry about getting here on time for pretty much nothing, I tried my best to pay attention and am using the spare time to blog before continuing on with my plan for the day:

  • library all morning

hydration, caffeination...check!


window seat at Weldon

  • running a few errands and picking up a recorder this afternoon
  • laundry and contacting sources
  • gym for a nice mid day break
  • dinner
  • relaxing with a Christmas movie while I do some baking and work on my portfolio

I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to go without peeing my pants focus at the library, but I’m ready to re-write my feature on health bloggers (or more to have it re-written at least in draft form so I can move onto other things!) and feel accomplished. My goal is to be ridiculously productive today so that tomorrow can be a fun day with the Santa Shuffle and hopefully a trip to Sarnia (why not?).

Happy Friday, folks!


4 responses to “Ch ch ch changes!

  1. How’d you buy a domain? Worth it? How much? We must discuss tomorrow!

    • I did! And we will! I kinda wish I’d bought it differently than I did (I’ll explain in person) and I think if I buy it for my writing portfolio, I’ll go a different route. At any rate, it’s not a huge loss down the toilet and you can guess by now that I waste a lot of money with my shopping habits, coffee addiction, magazine love, etc. and can justify just about anything…

  2. Congratulations Cheryl! I bought my domain name from blogger and have no regrets. The only downfall I’ve experienced is not being able to change my favicon…which turns out is a glitch in the process of being fixed. Hopefully soon!!

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