Can I go to bed yet?

Tonight was relaxing and semi-productive on the portfolio front. I got lots added but still have more to do. I refuse to feel too bad since I literally sat for three hours working on it non-stop. There’s not much else I could’ve done besides maybe been a pro at this, but it’s really been a learning process!

After this afternoon’s post, I got down to the good stuff: baking, Christmas music, and relaxing. That’s right, ME, relaxing. It’s a miracle, but I think this is what a weekend is supposed to feel like.

I made cupcakes (it’s birthday season):


Gingerbread cupcakes with chocolate frosting, skor bits, and gingerbread men on top! I think they'll be delicious...and festive!


My goofy apron: "Coffee, chocolate, men...the richer the better."


Up close and personal!

I also made dinner: salmon on salad with pecans and maple dressing with my favourite squash dish!



Gingerbread tea--I'm so freaking festive!

Like I said, it was a good night.

I forgot to put these pictures of some funny cards I saw in Wal-Mart today in this afternoon’s post. Enjoy…



Funny! Now it’s time for bed…past time, actually. I’m looking forward to the Santa Shuffle tomorrow and to going home. I’ll remind myself I can finish my work any time and that I WILL get everything done by the deadlines…it’s not worth losing sleep over now.

I just snarfed about 8 of those yummy gingerbread mans. Ed’s trying to tell me I’m fat and lazy and need to do something about it tomorrow, but I am fighting back. It’s normal to have a bedtime snack, and cookies aren’t the devil. Sugar, flour, so what. Maybe eating Christmas cookies with my family is a little bit more special (and it’s these kinds of things where I want to be able to indulge), but it’s not WRONG to have something as a treat just ‘cuz.

Nighty night.

Do you send Christmas cards?
What’re you doing with your Friday night? Surely nothing as cool as me…
Do you ever take a day just to do whatever? What’s it look like for you–shopping? baking? sleeping? TV?



5 responses to “Can I go to bed yet?

  1. Your Friday night sounds kind of like mine – I just stayed in, watched The Family Stone with my roommate, and wrote Christmas cards. I was planning on baking, but laziness got the better of me. 😛 Those gingerbread cupcakes are adorable!

    Good luck at the race today!

    PS. Sorry I’m always SO out of it when we pass each other on campus haha.

  2. 1. LOLLL at your apron and the cards – LOVE IT!
    2. umm those cupcakes look amazing. do you wanna share the recipe?? 😀
    4. sounds like such a relaxing night! those kinds are my favorite 🙂 Mine was that way too, my mom and sis and I all watched Bridesmaids together while drinking tea and eating dark chocolate 🙂

    • The cupcakes I cheated on — I went to Home Sense and bought a mix because I looked up recipes and couldn’t find one that I felt like buying all the stuff for. I wish I was at home whenever I want to get creative in the kitchen because Moms always seem to have random things you need (ground ginger? yup). They were delicious, PS, I had one last night!

      Bridesmaids kills me! So funny. But I have to fast forward through the bathroom scene…

  3. Love the cupcakes! Super cute! I also love love love your apron!

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