Random shares

I’m in the middle of some homework, but I promised a friend I’d link to her youtube vid, which is awesome and inspired by some pretty intense workouts…I think some of you will LOVE! Here’s Mel’s HIIT circuit…enjoy:

You might also appreciate.:

Thanks for sharing this one Rachel!

I stole this from Kara Goucher's Facebook wall!

Courtesy of Bonnie.

Also courtesy of Bonnie.

I’ll be back!


One response to “Random shares

  1. Just heard about midniteruntoronto.com (a new years eve event) via Peter at mynextrace.com

    Here’s the first thing which caught my attention:

    Unique Race Feature

    Since either of our two race venues includes showers and change facilities, we have something to offer that NO OTHER race has ever offered. If the idea of “just running” 5km does not intrigue you, or you are the type of athlete who takes 60-90 minutes just to warm up, here is something we will offer to 50 individuals, free of charge. SEND us a box / bag (by mail, courier, taxi) or drop it off at Race Kit PickUp. This package would contain some dry clothes and shoes (no valuables). If we receive this bag before 5pm Saturday, Dec 31st, we can have it available for you when you arrive that evening…on foot….

    Here’s the second thing which caught my attention:

    All volunteers will receive swag and a meal, for those who want to run the course there will be a 5km pre-run “run” at 7pm followed by a meal and beverages, so if you really want to run this is your chance to do so, it will be an unofficial run but if you finish we’ll give you a medal!

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