Pajamas, please!

…I am ready for bed! Today was a good (busy) day.

It started with breakfast…


Kashi, All Bran, CRANBERRIES (change!), cottage cheese, and pecans.

before an amazing TRX class with Tanya at The Athletic Club. For those of you who don’t know, TRX is hard and Tanya is amazing. There are a few fitness instructors who I REALLY look up to and she is definitely one of them. What I realized is that it has nothing to do with how they look or even how fit they might be. Some of the best and most motivating, empowering classes I’ve gone to have been taught by people who might not fit the stereotypical picture of “fitness instructor” … 🙂

Another realization: I LIKE working out! Today’s workout, the class on Monday, and even my own circuits have reminded me that I like to push myself, sweat, and feel strong. Leaving behind endless cardio (though I still enjoy zoning out, pushing through a spin class, and going for runs) means I have room for more variety and for things that make me feel fit instead of drained. I can thank a fellow blogger who had a really big realization of her own for providing me with a little more insight here!

What I’ve also realized is that I’m luck to be a fitness instructor, to have my personal training certification, and my Kin degree. When I can step away from the obsession with working out, I start to remember why I was drawn to fitness in the first place. Remembering that working out can be healthy and being okay with wanting to go to the gym (for me, not for Ed) is so exciting — it opens up a world of possibilities. I can use my education and certifications to help me with my writing, I can have a backup plan or twelve if things don’t work out as I plan, and I can help others find a healthy place with exercising!

After the TRX class, I snarfed a granola bar in the car on the drive home. Boo for granola bars (boring) and boo for eating in the car.

After my shower, I fixed myself a quick lunch.


Tuna salad on whole wheat. Simple. Classic. Yummy!

I was a little rushed for a meeting with my writing prof to discuss my online portfolio, which I think is coming along very well! He made me feel a lot more confident about it (though my peer reviewer pointed out lots of errors–comma splices, improper usage of “the dash”, etc. that I will take into consideration but think of as stylistic things more than clear cut right or wrong) and told me I write “fairly well” already. So rather than hear the “fairly well” and not the “well” I’m going to take the compliment! I’ve got some tweaking to do with the site and some things to add, but I like where it’s headed. After the class wraps up (in less than a week–eek!), I am going to try to keep it updated. This might have been the most useful course I’ve taken yet at Western (it’s a tie with volleyball, which is clearly going to help me big time in the real world).

My mom came down for a visit after the meeting and we ran some errands (returns, etc.) and hit up Bulk Barn before going to Starbucks to work on our Christmas cards. I tried some new snacks–dried roasted broad beans and dried roasted edamame.  I overdid it on the broad beans, because they were so darn delicious and salty (though not very pretty, so I’ll leave the picture out), but oh well! My mom and I had both picked up Bingo scratch tickets (great minds think alike?) so we did those and then had less time than we’d have liked but worked on the Christmas cards nonetheless! It was nice to have an afternoon to sort of relax, though it’s hard for me to do that with all the things I feel like I should be doing.


Starbucks, scratch tickets, and Christmas things. How could I NOT be happy? We won too!

Mom dropped me off on campus for a meeting and then I came home, still with a sorta tummy ache. I knew I shouldn’t skip dinner so I made something kind of comforting, but also figured I’d test my already hurting stomach. I have been getting awful pains after eating bananas but after having some dried banana not too long ago and not feeling bad after, I decided to give the real thing another shot this week. Tonight was the night…breakfast for dinner!


Oats/flax seeds with soy milk, banana, walnuts, maple syrup and a touch of brown sugar.

I did some homework and now here I am. I’m having some hot chocolate (yum), enjoying the comfort of my jammies, and thinking about going to bed soon. I have all day tomorrow to be productive after my 8:30 to 9:30 class. I think I’ll head to the library afterwards, knock out some writing, and then come home. I need to get a new recorder (RIP old one, victim of the coffee explosion in my backpack a few weeks ago) and then call some sources for an article I’m working on for Bankrate. Fun!

This weekend is going to be good–Santa Shuffle to start it off! I’ve got a buttload of work, as you know, but I’m considering taking Saturday off. I feel like everyone and their best friend is having a get together on Saturday, plus it’s my mother’s birthday on Monday and the Santa Claus parade on Saturday in Sarnia. I am considering going home but it depends on the workload, the weather, and how I feel after the run! I’ll keep ya posted.

What’s a simple lunch you fall back on?
Do you eat the same thing for “breakfast for dinner” as you would in the morning? 


One response to “Pajamas, please!

  1. It’s such a great feeling to realize that you like working out for YOU, not for the calorie burn. I had the same realization too! It makes exercise so much more enjoyable and it also makes me feel so much less guilty when I take rest days. Major win! 😀

    Tuna sandwiches are one of my go-to simple lunches too. Either that or an avocado, hummus and veggie sandwich.

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