Tummy ache :(

I’m trying not to be a baby or a whiner but my stomach has been off all day.

I woke up to a chilly morning but I was expecting to see snow when I peeked out my window and saw nadda.

By the time I was done my breakfast, though, the white stuff was fallin’!

Kashi, AllBran, cottage cheese, raisins, and pecans!

I hustled to class, waddling up UC hill like a penguin! I almost wiped out even though I wore what I thought were smarter boots! It was nice to see snow, but mostly because I had Michael Buble to set the mood.

By the time I got to class (on time, it’s a miracle!), I realized I’d forgotten part of my lunch (boo) and I looked a little scary.

Just kidding…

But I was a little soggy!

After class, I went to the gym to pick up a few wind sleeves for the mic! I’m teaching spin tonight (playlist/recap to come, I hope) at the Athletic Club and would rather not have to stress about sounding like a hurricane through the class! Then I headed to work before my group meeting and presentation.

I decided to be ambitious today and tried a new snack: an avocado. Simple enough, right? I made it through half, realized I didn’t like it, and moved on. But my stomach started to really bug me during my meeting and the presentation was a struggle to not hunch over and clutch my stomach. Things got a little better after the class (maybe I was a little nervous — we did a little yoga presentation led by yours truly in the middle of the presentation) but I still didn’t feel 100%. The Gazette work is done for the week (go Arts and Life editors!) so I was thinking of heading home and curling up but I realized I had a prime opportunity to head to the library on my hands so I went for it. Realizing that it was 2 o clock and I hadn’t had lunch, I decided to get something bland to fill my belly and hoped it would help! I gobbled up a turkey sandwich from subway (bland, boring, and safe for my stomach) and then ate an apple since I was feeling a little better.


Now here I am at the library…I just spent an hour transcribing one of the lectures recorded from last week. I think it’s possibly worse to listen to them on recordings than it is to be in the lectures at 8:30 am. But I’m grateful to have them! It was definitely time for a break, though. I’m back to the books for a little here and then heading home to go to the gym. Deciding what to work on is half the battle…tomorrow’s looking wide open and I’m hoping for some productivity before group meeting and a visit from my Mom — 🙂 !

Have a great afternoon!

What’s one snack you’ll never eat again? (Get that guac away from me)
Do you study in the library or at home?


4 responses to “Tummy ache :(

  1. I hateee tummy aches! So annoying. I was so happy to see you this morning, I miss you a lot. It sounds like you’re having a busy and productive day, atta girl! I can’t wait to hear more about NYC the trip looked like so much fun! Love always, Mel

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  3. I can’t wait for the first snow!

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