There’s a P theme here:

  • Papazan chair


  • Peppermint tea in a penguin mug


  • working on my Portfolio
  • watching Polar Express The Grinch


  • being ridiculously productive

The gym was good this evening, but I didn’t make it to the class I was considering. I got there around 7:45 and realized I didn’t feel like being there for that long so I did my own thing: 5 minutes rowing/LB circuit (plie squats, dead lifts, walking lunges, and thrusters)/5 minutes rowing/UB circuit (boss pushups with mountain climbers, bent over barbell rows, triceps dips, and dumbbell swings)/5 minutes rowing/core circuit (plank on a ball, ball passes–leg raises and sit ups together, crunches with feet on ball)/15 minutes on the stair master (I caught the last 10 minutes of Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer–lucky!).

I was home before the class would’ve even finished. I had a shower and a snack (I had a craving for graham crackers but was hungrier than that so I smashed two up with some fibre one cereal and made a coffee drink on the side–hit the spot). I burnt a CD for spin tomorrow and I talked to my sister–fun fun!

Now, back to my work! Have a good night and enjoy this little dose of cheese.

What’s too late for a workout for you?
What’s your favourite Christmas movie? 


5 responses to “Perfection…

  1. I like the “P” theme 😉 I may have to come over and snuggle in that chair with you 😀

  2. This circuit is awweeesome! Who the hell spends 3hrs at a gym?! Unnecessary (unless training for an Ironman, but that’s only in a few years right?? right??! DAMN RIGHT!) Oh and I want to watch Christmas movies with you in your cozy apartment on your futon!

  3. That’s my favorite movie, we should be besties. Haha, jk! But seriously – BEST. MOVIE. EVER. 🙂

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