587 hours ’til Santa…

That’s 24ish days, or 25 sleeps…Christmas is seriously almost here. I can get excited without being ashamed. I only wear Christmas socks and underwear from now til New Year’s. It’s official!

Here’s my fave from the Michael Buble Christmas album…enjoy!

Today is going uber fast — seems to be a general theme lately, no?

I had a good night’s sleep (two nights in a row, I must be doing something right!) and made a delicious breakfast.


Kashi, AllBran, and an apple with peanut butter! Simple but yummy.

I even made it to the Gazette office on time today. I was largely on my own because my fellow editors have tons of class on Tuesdays but luckily every one else in the office helped me out and things went pretty smoothly.

Continuing with the theme of trying new things, I made myself an egg salad sandwich for lunch today. I can’t remember the last time I had one of these stinkers…


Egg salad sandwich + carrots = easiest lunch ever!

We finished relatively early and I lucked out that the pouring rain wasn’t pouring on my walk home! I heard it’s going to switch over to snow tonight, though…but I don’t always trust the Weather Network. I’m okay with snow in late November, through December, and even in January but I really wish it would go away by February. I’m wondering how cold it’s going to be for this weekend’s Santa Shuffle. It might be five cold kilometres for us, but I’m excited either way!

When I got home I had a huge envelope from Post. Last year, when I was in the Foods & Nutrition program at Brescia, I signed up for a few student groups. I think I get the coupons because I was a student member of the Dietitians of Canada but I’m not really sure. At any rate, if you eat Shredded Wheat and would like to save a dollar, I think I got about 100 coupons…no joke! Maybe I should do a product review?


I fixed myself a quick dinner. I was craving something sweet and almost had breakfast for dinner but I realized I had another pork chop that needed to be eaten and that I’ve been seriously slacking on the veggies lately, so I compromised and made myself a sweetish salad…it hit the spot.


Mixed greens, pecans, raisins and poppyseed dressing with pork!

I just spent some time sending out some emails for interviews I’d like to do for my next Bankrate story. It’s about solar water heaters and I am going to learn something new from it, I’m sure! Simple enough to understand, but it’s tough to balance school, Gazette, and freelancing–especially finding time to do interviews! I’m also hurting because my recorder is broken. I need to make a shopping trip to get one soon (it’s a necessity) or should download an iPhone app to let me record my conversations that way.

Anyways, I decided to write this post because I have this weird stretch of time without much to do (I could put my laundry away, I guess..hmmph!). It’s taken less time than I anticipated. I’m heading to the gym in a little while to do some easy cardio (a break from thinking) and to maybe go to a class (Innovative Interval) but DOMS is hitting me from yesterday’s class! The class doesn’t start til 8:30 which is my old bedtime…oh how far we come! I went to the gym two weeks ago and was going to do this class but bailed because it was getting late. We’ll see what happens tonight. I’ve got a phone date with my sister at 10 so I need to be awake anyhow!  I feel like it’s been ages since I’ve talked to her and I really missed her last week (she had too much to do with her PhD to come along to Pennsylvania in the middle of the week).

I’m not big on talking on the phone, but I’m trying to get more into it. I also want to get my Skype account going, since my family is uber busy and kind of far away (with Christine in Windsor, Mom in Sarnia/Brownsville, Texas in the winter, and Dad in Houston/Calgary).

Hope you’re having a great day. I managed to get some stuff checked off my to do list and I feel a little more organized. Again, it’s a miracle. 🙂

Does anyone know of a recorder app?
Do you like running in the snow?
How late is too late for a workout? 


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