Home sweet home!

I wish I had time to give you a SERIOUS recap of the last amazing week of my life, but at this point, I’ve got a LOT of catching up to do so I’ll just give you a few highlights!

  • We are the luckiest girls in the world: we ran into no snow, very little traffic, and hardly any delays in our driving.
  • We stayed in a ballin’ hotel. Our thoughts were that we must’ve been in the wrong place!

Grand Central Terminal, our hotel (Hyatt), and the Chrysler Building. NBD.

Our room!

The zoo! Reminded me of Madagascar.

Pretty awesome.

Ready to go into the park...we got to run through Times Square on the way there and stopped for a second to watch the taping of GMA! Very cool.

  • I love salad bars.

From some place in Rockefeller..

Black Friday veggies -- sooo necessary!

  • I also love Whole Foods. All of you lucky ducks who can go there on a regular basis, explain to me why it would ever be necessary to cook? JK!
  • I love Pennsylvania and Thanksgiving and being with my family.

Pit stop on my run at my grandma's!

  • I didn’t stress much about the exercising (or lack thereof), largely because we were walking all over and because I tried to eat at least somewhat balanced meals and snacks! Life is too short to worry about those kinds of things.
  • The Rockettes, Phantom of the Opera, and seeing Danielle was all awesome!
  • Bonnie and I only had one big fight and it makes us stronger! haha.
  • We Black Friday shopped til we dropped, and then refuelled with leftovers and shopped some more.
  • I had tons of time to think.
  • I loved Columbia! I want to go there…really bad. My application is due in two weeks. Bring it on!

  • We saw Kathy Lee up close!

  • We loved the parade and couldn’t have had better weather! So many cool floats/balloons and too many adorable kids!
  • The trip was essentially perfect. Only wish? More time…

I have the best friend in the entire entire entire world. ❤

People in New York were so nice. I want to be there!
I’m late for school now, but I am BACK and ready to get back to blogging. It’s a nice break from the list of things I have to do (grad school applications, internship applications, work (which I love), schoolwork (love not so much), making my portfolio (semi-love), and trying to find time for Christmas fun (decorating, shopping, and watching Christmas movies). I’m going to try night time work outs this week — after dinner even — so I’ll keep you updated on how that goes!

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