It begins…

Alarm set for 5:30 am. Ready for bed in Scarborough. Excited for the 9 hour drive to NYC tomorrow. Eeeeeek!

If today was a normal day I’d have shared my trail running epiphany (but I’ll save it for a day when I’m not so busy with amazing things and just let ya know that i had an amazing garmin/heart rate monitor/technology free morning run on the trails by the river this morning!).


I had a quick lunch (you’ve seen this one before) and then ran some errands, worked at the gazette, and had dinner/packed before making the drive down! Save for a few–why the heck aren’t these jeans zippering–borderline moments, it went smoothly!



Bonnie and I made rough plans for the next few days but are kind of throwing caution to the wind and just going with the flow! There’s lots of rain in the forecast but it’s not going to rain on our parade (haha hehe hoho) — but I bought us ponchos just in case!

We did establish that I never thought I could do this! Go on a vacation NOT to do something active, not because someone invited me, but because I want to check two things off my bucket list: going on a trip with my best friend ever AND going to the Macy’s thanksgiving day parade!

I’m having trouble keeping my eyes open so this is the end of the post that is the beginning of something AMaZinG!


2 responses to “It begins…

  1. It is the beginning of something amazing FOR SURE 😀 congrats sweetheart! Enjoy every moment 😀

  2. taking trips like that is indeed a huge step! CONGRATS and I hope you enjoy it! (and yay for tech-free runs, they are indeed the bestest!)

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