Saturday start, RIP heart rate monitor, and my soulmate

Another early, early morning today. It dawned on me (get it, dawned?) as the sun was coming up that maybe if I wasn’t so fixated on getting to the gym at a certain time but feeling so deprived of getting to have a leisurely morning (and a full breakfast without worrying about it bothering me during my workout), I could sleep past 6:00. Too bad I’d been up since 5:00 and was pumped full of a coffee by then…

GoLean Crunch, All Bran buds, grapes and pecans with soy milk!

I went to the gym and was planning on doing spin class, but realized that the prospect of waiting in line to get into the room (Saturday’s are busy so you have to go early, but the room’s locked til the instructor arrives) was not cool. I decided to do my own workout instead:

  • 15 minutes stairmaster
  • 3x squats/reverse lunges with a leg lift/deadlifts/calf raises
  • 10 minutes treadmill alternating an incline walk with running
  • 3x chest press/bent over dumbbell row/upright row/skull crushers/bicep curls
  • 5 minutes rowing
  • abs

It took just over an hour, which was perfect. I didn’t have time to get bored, but I did have thoughts of “I hate how I look right now”. When will they go away?

I had kind of an epiphany, but by accident. When I first got to the gym and went to the locker room, I had my heart rate monitor strap all ready to go but couldn’t find my watch. I got really disappointed, and then realized that I wasn’t disappointed, Ed was. How would I know how many calories I’d burn in spin class? When I realized this, I decided that maybe wearing my heart rate monitor is one of those things that might be healthy for most people, but right now isn’t really helping me. I’m going to try exercising without it for a while. PROGRESS!

Afterwards, I was starving and came home and had an apple with peanut butter and yogurt. I also had about four spoonfuls of peanut butter…but that’s NORMAL. I’m over tired, stressed out, and refusing to let it ruin my day.

picture fail

the look of love. no shame, especially since I used a spoon instead of my fingers...for once!

Now I’m enjoying a (decaf) gingerbread tea and am waiting for my mom to come. I’m considering a nap rather than slogging through some work on my portfolio. I’m frustrated so if any word pressers have insight I could use some help: I have different PAGES for writing, editing, and about me sections BUT I have different categories for writing like news, health, or financial. I want the posts that I tag as writing and financial to go under the writing PAGE into those sub cats but they’re not working. HELP!

My favourite mug filled with festive gingerbread tea! I've been using him for months, but it's socially acceptable to be now, I think!

I feel like I need to say thank you again for yesterday’s response. I wrote some honest posts and I got some loving feedback, which means more than you guys know!

I’m leaving ya with a few things:

  • a trailer you’re gonna love (or at least smile at):

6 responses to “Saturday start, RIP heart rate monitor, and my soulmate

  1. Progress is right 😀 yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. wordpress:
    0. I believe wordpress Pages are static content.

    1. After you apply categories or tags to posts, wordpress allows you to automatically view them: for example, with categories The difference seems to be categories are your site’s table of contents and tags may help for keyword searching. I think you are wanting to create categories and then apply them to your posts.

    2. You can easily add a list of categories or tags/tag cloud to your blog template. Look in the dashboard under Appearance –> Widgets. My sidebar consists of the following Widgets: Pages, Archives, Categories, Links, Mega, Search, and Follow Blog.

    3. From the dashboard, Appearance –> Menus may be the way to add a category as a menu item. (The theme/template which I currently use does not support menus.)

    Currently, when I visit I am shown an error message (a good thing, because I did not specify a category) and the following list of possible categories (and counts of articles in each of them):

    Most Used Categories
    Uncategorized (93) 
    A day in the life… (5) 
    introduction (1) 
    Recap (1) 
    Inspiration (1) 
    Recipe (1)
  4. news feed: How do you read / aggregate news?

    I am between news reading software and am looking for suggestions.

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