Bedtime already?

Today was one of those days that felt more like three…

After this morning’s post, I had a short nap and then got ready. My mom was coming down so I met up with her. She’d gotten held up on the highway so was later than we expected, so I had lunch alone at my apartment. Even though it wasn’t her fault, I was let down and I took it out on her…NOT FAIR.

We didn’t let it ruin the afternoon.

There was the cutest movie ever. Go see Happy Feet 2! Also, go see a movie on a Saturday afternoon…it’s awesome. I’ll write a review for the paper this week (before I go to bed tonight, hopefully)–stay tuned!

After the movie, even though it was cold and I had a LOT of doubt about doing it, we went to Kiwi Kraze! I haven’t been since the summer. Part of me — Ed — said I didn’t deserve it, want it, need it, etc. mostly because I didn’t do a “hard workout” and because I am going away and already feeling “big” but the part of me that wants recovery said even if I didn’t “need” this one bowl of frozen yogurt, the extra maybe 200 calories over a “normal” snack would be worth it instead of feeling deprived on my trip, continuing the bingeing, etc. Catch my drift? We went for it, and we owned it!

Mom had Chocolate with all kinds of goodies and tried some Apple Cinnamon with caramel sauce.

I had chocolate (it's buried!) with granola, some mini chocolate chips, a little hot fudge (live a little) and a cherry on top!

Tired but happy!

I feel like this is a blogger kind of thing. I want to be part of the delicious club!

After that, we got pedicures! I needed one so badly — and I like mine! The colour is the called Warm & Fozzie — part of the new Muppets line by OPI — it’s bronze-ish. I was mad though, because I waited to put my moccasins on and asked if I was okay, but they still got smudged. Luckily I’m a spoiled brat and when we went back to the mall to get my mom’s car, we picked up the mini collection with four tiny bottles (has anyone ever used a whole bottle of nail polish, anyway?!)

My mom came back and helped me clean/carry down my recycles. I am really grateful and I feel so much better in this apartment! I even put my Christmas table cloth out!

I cooked. For me it’s weird to eat dinner after having “dessert”. I think I need to realize that it’s normal to have a special snack on the weekends, whatever, and I did a good job and actually cooked myself dinner (even though I really wanted to just have cereal). It was worth it, cuz I’m going to share my first recipe!

Rice, Veggie, and Baked Chicken Toss
Serves 1

1/2 cup rice (brown or wild)
1 cup mushrooms, sliced
olive oil
spices of your choice
1 cup spinach, washed
1 chicken breast
1 tbsp roasted almonds, crushed (optional)

Bake chicken breast in the oven. While baking, sauté mushrooms with spices in olive oil and prepare rice. Just before things are done, microwave spinach on high for 2 minutes til cooked.
Dice the chicken when baked.

The mixings!

Combine rice, mushrooms, chicken, and spinach in a large bowl. Toss and top with crushed almonds.

You could also add garlic, onions, and I think goat cheese would work perfectly on top!

Ta – da! Healthy meals don’t have to be elaborate! I’m freezing the extra chicken and I used easy, prepped rice to save time and effort. The mushrooms were on the verge of going in the garbage and I had the huge bag of spinach to at least attempt to put a dent in before I leave tomorrow.

Yay! I am off to write that review and then I think, hope, pray I’m going to sleep like a rock!


4 responses to “Bedtime already?

  1. Looks delicious!! I want to try it out sometime! We definitely need to go for a coffee date sometime asap, especily with the new holiday menu. This week is a little busy for me, but I am free around noon for a few hours on Monday, Friday night, Saturday after 1pm and Sunday morning. Let me know what works for you!

  2. Thanks for the recipe! I’m definitely making that, delicious and fast. And OMG girl, I went to get froyo with a friend today, and it was really tough. I have to say that you did a better job than I did, because while ED let me eat the stuff (instead of backing out on the date), it made me replace my lunch with it. UGH. and I still felt disgusting and like I didn’t deserve anything but veggies for dinner. ugh ugh ugh. BUt you’re so right – its like 200 calories, NOT gonna kill you as long as you’re not eating it all day every day. We work hard and we deserve treats! I’m glad you had a great day with your mom! 🙂

    • Hey!

      Bee, I’ll be back next weekend so I think the following week will have to be our long overdue reunion!!

      Kate, I’m excited for you to try it — it was so easy. And I don’t know if this will make you feel better, but in the summer I did the same thing once or twice and “eased into it” by having fro yo for dinner (I snuck in a banana, so funny, to make it more substantial). Don’t beat yourself up for the “but…” part, be proud of yourself for the fact that you did it. Maybe next time you can use it in place of a snack instead, since it really is just yogurt, that is frozen, and you can add whatever you would add to normal yogurt (cereal, granola, fruit, etc!).

  3. I am so proud of you sweetheart 🙂 I haven’t been to kiwi kraze since summer either! I had chocolate macadamia nut and oh goodness was it good! you look so happy 😀 yay! I am so proud of you! You make me so happy love

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