I could scream

…but I won’t because, I’ve officially taken up residence in Weldon for the morning.

Last night was fun. When I ran to walmart to pick up a few things, the new issue of Canadian Cycling Magazine was there. I bought it because I am in the contributors’ section with a picture — so exciting — and two articles I wrote are in there! If they go online I’ll link to them ASAP!

Like I said, last night was fun. This morning I was planning on sleeping in but then the guilt got me when I woke up at the perfect time to hurry to my 8:30 class. I decided to go for it, so I made it to campus five minutes late, feeling sick (breakfast not sitting well, or maybe the pita chips I ate when I got home at 2:00am last night?). I went to the washroom and then felt REALLY SICK–my coffee had spilt all over my bag, my laptop, my notes, my recorder.  Luckily my mac seems okay, but my recorder is on the fritz 😦 (I already transcribed yesterday’s interview with Tina, thank goodness!) and everything is soaked.

Basically, I want to go home and crawl into bed and cry about this, but I’m not going to. I feel gross after lack of sleep + drinking BUT I know I didn’t do anything “bad” yesterday and that this is no reason to beat myself up. I’m more upset over the stress I’m feeling about not having enough time to get all of the things I want to do done and be able to enjoy planning/anticipating next week’s trip and tired because of the crappy sleep this week than I am miserable. And anyone would be upset if their entire backpack got ruined, especially if they did the like full flip test to make sure their thermos wouldn’t leak! Urghhhhhh!

I am going to work for a while here and then see how I feel about having a nap before an appointment this afternoon. I’m thinking of going to the gym after but that’s going to depend on a lot of things!

Do you work out the day after a night out?
Do you go out during the week? 


One response to “I could scream

  1. I have yet to have a weeknight drinking fiesta. I know I wouldn’t survive it! I find staying up super late, even if I don’t drink, leaves me feeling really drained the next day…

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