Up early…updates!

Today’s going to be busy…off to a class, then to the Gazette, then to the dietitian, an interview for my final writing piece, and back to the Gazette before a meeting on campus at 5:30. I think when I get home around 7:30 I am going to CRASH.

I have been up since 5 (I went to bed happy with some dark chocolate and the freedom to sleep in til 8, but no dice!) so you better believe I got some things checked off my list.

I officially am applying to UBC, Ryerson, Columbia, and Western for Journalism. My references have been contacted and the online application is done, but now comes the fun part: writing essays, getting transcripts, and putting together the portfolios the schools want. Each is of course a little different for the essays and the portfolios, but that’s okay. Luckily my most daunting task is putting together my online portfolio for my writing class, so it all goes hand in hand.

I also did some research this morning, at the doctor’s suggestion looking up some stuff on PubMed. I found some interesting articles about the female athlete triad, athletic amenhorrhea, etc. If it’s something that you’ve been bothered by, these are new for me (even though they’re not new articles):

What I was really hoping for was to find out how long it takes to come back to normal after a period of athletic amenhorrhea. Six months is the only real indication I got out of these. While I can’t be sure that I’m at a balanced place with exercise and eating, I think I am much closer than I’ve been in the past (and if anything, since I have gained weight, erring on the side of extra nutrition/energy).

Anyways, I want to get a few more things done before my busy day really takes off!

PS I saw another story on the Today Show that got me even MORE excited for next week! Bonnie and I are seeing the Rockettes with Danielle and one of her friends on Tuesday night! That’s only 5 days away… 🙂 🙂 🙂

Do you ever get into research articles just for the heck of it or to self-diagnose?
What holiday show/event is your favorite–the Nutcracker? seeing a parade?



6 responses to “Up early…updates!

  1. So jealous you’re seeing the Rockettes! You’ll have lots to blog about when you get back!!! 🙂

  2. You’re combining Gazette, course work, instructing, and your own training and finding yourself “at a balanced place with exercise and eating”? Good work!

    As the saying goes: If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it.

    (Waking up three hours early? Is your routine consistent every day? Quality of sleep seems to be more important than we’ll subconsciously admit.)

    • 🙂

      The last week has just been a stressful one so I’ve been having trouble sleeping! I have a big trip to NYC next week. Think I can catch up on sleep there?!

      • Catch up on sleep in the city that doesn’t sleep? What are you thinking 😉

        In theory, I would spend an hour relaxing just before and just after bed. By relaxing, I mean eliminating artificial physical excitement: dimming lights, not staring too closely at a light source (in my case, computer screen), and so on. One okay combination I used a couple of times: Listening to TED talks while knitting. Soothing repetitive movement and intriguing ideas to boost my creativity. More typically, I’ll read fiction, or stare at crossword or sudoku puzzles for a few minutes.
        Real excitement, like watching the sun rise or set, is good.

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