Where’d Wednesday go?

I’ll tell you where…

I woke up exhausted–not a good way to start a busy day–but I tried to cheer myself up with a good breakfast (GoLean crunch, Fibre 1, raisins, cottage cheese, and pecans) and plenty of caffeine.


I made it through class okay and realized that mark I was so angry about was actually higher than I thought. The teacher is confusing but he said something about adding a mark because one question was unfair and then I rechecked my mark. He had put a calculation that even he couldn’t explain on the marks page so everyone, myself included, was a little confused. When I took the mark itself I realized it was about 7% higher than I thought and definitely closer to my normal. With the bonus mark, I don’t feel so TERRIFIED about missing a full week of classes next week!

I spent a little time at the Gazette. Today’s issue had my first bylines as “Arts and Life Editor” — no big deal! I took my mom a copy of the paper because I’m cheesy like that. It better be on the fridge, or else. What hard hitting journalistic pieces did I make my debut with, you ask? A brief about the pill hurting women’s sex lives and one about how to spice up your Kraft Dinner (I know, really deep). Exciting!

After finishing up the last meeting with my group before the written portion was handed in (bring on the presentation), I had to rush home for a doctor’s appointment over the bridge. I got some test results which were mostly normal. The doctor wanted me to try out something new but I said I really am not ready for that — I’ve talked about my health concerns before so I guess I’ll just be open: …begin TMI: he said he doesn’t think my pituitary is working right so to test it, he’d like me to take fertility drugs. I don’t see the point right now and I asked if it could be from working out too much in the past and just be taking time to catch up to my healthier approach to eating/exercising. When he said he wasn’t sure but would do everything he could to put me in touch with some expert he knows from Harvard ( a name dropper, doctor style?) and would do some research on PubMed (which I’ve done myself, but he’s a specialist!) and get back to me, I felt a little better. I told him I’m in no hurry to make sure I can have a baby. I don’t really want my period right now just for the sake of having it, if it’s a pill that’s doing it. I think that’s fair. … end TMI.

Anyways, I wish I’d snapped a picture of my snack this afternoon, but I didn’t and it wasn’t really presented nicely anyways. I bought chocolate chips, which we’ll use in our Christmas baking (EEK! excited) and a pack of trail mix. When you have a craving, you have a craving. This was my solution for a healthier way than buying the giant chocolate chunk cookie staring at my face in the Starbucks display case this afternoon.

After the appointment, my mom and I got lost (we also got lost before, come to think of it). We picked up my order from the Curly Girl website from last week (yay!) and then had dinner at Tim Hortons. Extremely gourmet, I know, but they do have different things over there! My mom had their mac and cheese and I tried their Tuscan Chicken Panini on multigrain bread — it was actually amazing!

We went to Target and I got some cereal (cheaper, and the Kashi stuff is different over there!), plenty of gum, Eggnog-flavoured coffee (can it be tomorrow morning so I can try it?!) and a shirt to wear for the Santa Shuffle. I debated keeping my outfit thus far a secret, but I’m not good at secrets. I’m going to layer like mad underneath the shirt and I’ll wear my warmest tights under the tutu and the socks! I can’t really fit the tutu down very far since it’s made for a child.


I also got my wreath hanger from my mother so my apartment is looking more festive!


Now it’s bed time. My mind raced last night so I didn’t get sleep. The same things are running through my mind now but I think I’m exhausted enough that I should be out like a light when I hit my bed…


How do you make your cravings healthier? Do you think this is a waste/end up eating what you really wanted anyways?
Do you like your doctor?
Do you decorate for Christmas? When?  





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