Another busy day

Today went by quick…so quick I can’t really remember what I did…

Let me try:

When I woke up (after seven beautiful hours of sleep), I had breakfast and got down to work.  I submitted my application and the fee for UWO’s MA Journalism program (still have the portfolio, essay, etc. to do) — if I do one each day this week, I’ll be done in time for NYC!

I could have done more but with my new job, I headed to work at the Gazette. I’m used to having Tuesdays off but I absolutely loved having somewhere to go. It gave my day a purpose! I also think I’m going to get the hang of things soon.


I packed a yummy lunch (spinach salad with tomato basil tuna, sun dried tomatoes, fresh red peppers, and multigrain croutons). I have no shame in being that girl who stinks up the office. These people don’t know my nickname used to be “Tuna”…yet.

20111115-222557.jpgThis afternoon, I worked on the group project that will not end — thank God there’s another girl who was willing to work her butt off to get this part of it done — we all put our work together but some of us are doing more for the writing so the rest of the project will be mostly done by other people (presentation!). The written part is due at 6pm tomorrow so the end is near!

When I got home, I was starving (even though I’d had two snacks and a hearty breakfast plus that delicious lunch). I had a delicious but random turkey sandwich, carrot, and lettuce sandwich on Remark’s pumpkin bread with herb and garlic cream cheese (which I also ate on carrots and celery to round out the meal).


Totally out of character for me, I went to the gym AFTER dinner tonight. I can’t remember the last time I worked out in the evening after eating, but it felt really good! Stress relief and a dose of energy I hope I can use to get a few things done before bed! I started with a warm up and some intervals on the elliptical and then I did a big workout (I’m taking tomorrow off): 3 sets each of squats/chest press/V sits/step ups, walking lunges/bent over rows/leg raises/mountain climbers, dead lifts/shoulder press/hanging leg raises/jump squats, adductor abductor work with a ball/bicep curls/pikes/burpees, calf raises/skull crushers/weighted sit ups/stairs (it’s a lower body/upper body/core/cardio pattern!)
I just had a delicious snack of yogurt (plain and vanilla mixed) with All Bran and a couple pecans after my shower. Very satisfying.                                    20111115-222529.jpg

Now I’m taking a break, watching some of the clips from this morning’s Today show. I got really excited when I saw this sneak peak of the new floats in next week’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade — I’ll be there! It hasn’t hit me yet.

I’ve got some things I need to do before I can fall asleep, so I better get down to business! Tomorrow’s a busy day with class, a little time at the Gazette, and then a doctor’s appointment to follow up on some tests I had done last month (let’s hope the results are better than my test from last week — bitter much?).
What’s your favourite thing to put on sandwiches–cream cheese? mayo? mustard? something else?
Have you ever been to NYC? Do you have any advice for two first timers?



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  1. nonsenseNYC is a list for non-touristy stuff.

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