Taking a break…

After a longish day on campus, I’m taking a little breather: I went to the gym and did a random workout (I haven’t been in the weight room or at the gym a lot on my own for so long that anything would feel random, to be honest!):

  • 15 minutes Jacob’s ladder
  • 50 squats, 40 lunges, 30 sit ups, 20 pushups, 10 wall balls
  • 10 minutes stairmaster
  • 50…
  • 5 minutes jumping rope
  • 50…
  • 3 sets each of leg raises, oblique crunches, and wall sits
The time flew by, probably because I’ve not done any workouts like this in ages!
My afternoon wasn’t stressful but I think I could get used to heading to the gym after I’m done for the day to kind of zone out and NOT worry about school for an hour. Healthier than forcing myself to “get it done” first thing in the morning, though the feelings of accomplishment after a morning workout are pretty addictive too!
Now that I’m home and well-fed after a big delicious salad (mixed greens, cranberries, dried apricots, and pecans topped with maple syrup/balsamic dressing) with a stuffed pork chop (I had a yogurt before my workout and a granola bar after so that I’d be okay to shower, walk home and put my laundry away <– it’s a miracle! without feeling ravenous), I could easily go to bed but I’m calling this a break to regenerate for a productive night!
I am definitely sucked into Oprah’s Life Class. My friends have been raving about her show for weeks but I honestly didn’t know that I got so many channels including Oprah’s network on what I thought was crappy cable until really recently. Goes to show you how much TV I watch that I assumed I only had 30 channels.  This episode is about the false power of ego and really spoke to me because Oprah owned up to something I used to criticize her for: saying that the most difficult thing that she’d ever done and her biggest accomplishment was losing 60 pounds back in the day. When she talked about this being part of her ego, I got it. There’s a difference between losing weight if it’s holding you back — physically, mentally, emotionally – versus if it’s about pleasing your ego. Deep, I know.
The timing on this show was impeccable since I just checked a mark for a test from last week that I thought I did well on. Key word thought. After the first midterm, I was really disappointed with my mark but I had spent the first weeks of class on Facebook in class, to be honest. I started writing notes instead of using my laptop and then typing them up, doing the readings, and really trying to stay on top of things after that first mark. Guess what I got as a result? The same freaking mark. That being said, the average was much lower this test, but I don’t really care. I thought I knew my stuff! The tricky part is NOT to let this ruin my night OR to let it deter me from studying hard for the final! In the big picture, a B on my transcript isn’t going to make or break me. That being said, I want to get the kinds of marks I used to — if someone sees that my marks went down 10 percent in a year, I don’t think that will look so hot (especially since the last 10 credits are usually the ones used for admissions). Can you tell I’m frustrated? Good thing there are schools that care less about your marks, but I was kind of counting on having good marks so the other ones would be happy with me…What I need to remind myself is that I’ve been doing a lot more and dealing with a lot of things that if I didn’t address would hold me back in the future. The perfectionist in me might tell me I’m getting lazy, but I think I’m just…diversifying.
I think it’s time for me to get down to business: writing, working on my group project, and sleeping in my bed for the first time in a week since my laundry is finally away. A bonus of putting things where they belong was finding my Christmas socks. Anything in my sock drawer that isn’t red, green, or sparkly, consider yourself snubbed ’til January.
Do you like working out first thing or after you’ve gotten things done?
What’s your go to circuit workout?
How do you deal with a bad mark? Especially if you’ve studied?

2 responses to “Taking a break…

  1. aww, I’m sorry about the grade! really, don’t let it get to you though – I failed (yes, failed, as in an F…and the class average wasn’t even that low) my first TWO biochemistry exams, and still managed an A- in the course overall- and still got into some of the med schools and grad schools I applied to!. You can definitely make it up!

    Love your workout too! Man, I haven’t done a strength workout in FOREVER – nor have I done an evening workout either! I always like to run in the AM and “get it out of the way” – and a little exercise (probably the endorphins) helps me focus. But the way you talk about it, a PM easy run after a looong day actually sounds really good! 🙂

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