Sleepy Sunday morning

Good morning! I think a lot of my friends are probably still sleeping but I’ve been up for nearly three hours.

I’ve not been sleeping for a combination of reasons, I think. My thyroid medicine seems to be kicking in a little more now that I am taking it at night (doctor’s orders) and a side effect (especially of too much) is difficulty sleeping. I go back this week to check in so I think I’ll bring it up, but I’m not really seeing other side effects so this one’s a mystery to me! I usually get like this around my exams–so it makes sense that I am stressed and the same thing’s happening now.

Today, rather than get up and sit around worrying or going to the gym right away, I decided to at least ATTEMPT something on my daunting list of things to do. I’m ambitious, so I tackled the scariest: GRAD SCHOOL APPLICATIONS. It’s been shining in my face for weeks, months, etc. and I know it’s time to get a move on (especially if I want my references to have plenty of time to write my recommendations in time for the Dec 15 deadline at Columbia). I got all of the things I could — resume, personal information, reference information, etc. — done for Columbia. I still have to write my essays (eek!), send my transcripts, pay the application fee, and decide on the three writing clips I’d like to include. Still, just knowing that my application is “in progress” makes me feel like I’m doing something.

I’m about to take a break and head out for a much needed dose of fresh air and sweat. I think I’m going to run the trails this morning. When I get back, I’m going to keep working away on this big task and start the applications for Ryerson, UBC, and Western. I’ve also got a week to finish a draft version of my online portfolio, which I guess is a blessing in disguise since it will force me to look back at and organize my writing stuff and maybe help me choose what to submit with my applications!

Wish me luck!

When you’re stressed, how does it show up?
What task have you been putting off?  


2 responses to “Sleepy Sunday morning

  1. good luck with the apps! Ugh, they seem like they never end, right? so much you have to do for each one! but getting all the logistical stuff done with the forms and resumes and portfolios definitely clears a lot of it up – then your brain can be more free to write essays!

    When I’m stressed I have trouble sleeping too – its like I can’t stop thinking about everything I have to do lol.

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