Shoulda been studying…

My Sunday was perfect:

  • started my grad school apps. I didn’t get much more done on them, but it feels good to at least be working on them!
  • I went for a long run–13km! This was longer than expected but I was feeling good (and dreading returning to any kind of work) I saw a deer up close and personal. She was SO pretty and I stopped, stared, walked, and enjoyed the moment! r
  • I had my first day as an editor at the Gazette!
  • I avoided work by visiting with my mom and meeting up with Bonnie. Best friends and moms are worth feeling a little guilty, I’d think. We went shopping and I got some things I didn’t need (a dress, sweater, and five dollar tank top from Winner’s and some decorations) and some I did (toothpaste).
    I saw the cutest Build A Bear ever! I already have a moose, so I didn’t immediately build a another animal, but I seriously considered it (my moose was how I celebrated my 19th birthday — I’ve always been a wild child!). Who wants to go see Happy Feet 2 with me next weekend?!
  • I made another delicious dinner: leftover spicy dressing, romaine, cherry tomatoes, pepper, chicken, and salsa almonds! Yum!
    tons of work now.
Sooo, to recap: I had an awesome day, but I have SO much work to do. The state of my bedroom (it looks like a hurricane blew through) is testament to the fact that I’m only doing the really important things (and blogging, of course). I made a list though, and I feel sort of kind of maybe like it’s UNDER CONTROL. I can see how so long as I stay on top of things (i.e. get everything done when I’ve given myself real or made up deadlines for), I’ll be okay and well on my way to a carefree trip to New York City next week! It has come so fast!
Goals: Get it all done with a smile on my face. Don’t worry if I take a few rest days this week (and next week on vacation). De-stress so that I’m not tempted to binge or to fall into old habits. Sleep through the night!
How do you deal with really busy weeks?
Would you blog if you had 101920190291 things to do? 

2 responses to “Shoulda been studying…

  1. OMG a build-a-penguin?? that’s epic! sounds like you had a super-fun day: and now that you’ve had a little break from the work you’re ready to attack it full force! I think I would definitely still blog if I were super busy (didn’t create mine till after I graduated from college last summer, so I don’t ACTUALLY know the answer to that question haha) – I would use it as a way to bribe myself: “finish your biochem homework, and THEN you can write your blog post” etc. Good luck this week! 😀

    • Thanks!

      My post might be random this week, but I’ll try! Bribery always works, but I usually use retail therapy as the reward! Maybe this week I’ll try blogging, working out, and above all SLEEP as a reward!

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