The good and the bad…

The good:

  • the sun was shining like mad today
  • I got to see lots of friends at the football game today
  • I had an amazing lunch — I think I’ve got a new favourite go to meal
    (toasted cheese sandwich with apple and a little bit of mayo; salad with the rest of the apple and a combo of maple syrup and balsamic dressing that I am pretty much addicted to)
  • I bought myself the new Micheal Buble Christmas CD. Something about it screams Christmas in the city to me — NYC to be exact! t minus 8 days!
  • I am one of two new editors at the Gazette! This made yesterday BETTER THAN CHRISTMAS!
  • I saw the perfect outfit for the Santa Shuffle today — I just have to make sure I’m not going to be the only one dressed like a fool before I shell out the money!
  • I also got creative with my other meals/snacks today: after spin, I had my normal chocolate milk but my afternoon snack was almonds and Kashi (instead of yet another granola bar, day after day); for dinner I made taco salad with the yummiest, ugliest green chips ever:


The bad:
  • we lost the football game
  • I have SO MUCH to do before I can go to NYC — the next week is going to be crazy!
  • I am anxious and feeling “fat” — I know that fat is not a feeling and I know that I am not in fact fat, but that I’m just overwhelmed (with the good things, the bad things, and the scary things!)
  • I had a really dumb moment tonight: I put my keys in my laundry basket under my dirty towels. I put my dirty towels in the washer, along with the key (oops). I got to the elevator and realized my keys were MIA. I searched high and low and then realized they must have been in the washer. I went back to the washer and tried to open it, but it was LOCKED and only a few minutes into a 35 minute cycle. Luckily my landlord was around to help a damsel in distress out!
    (3 weeks of dirty gross laundry. The whole key incidence must’ve been karma for being so lazy!)
I have officially put my homework away for the night! Tomorrow is another day, and I will hopefully be rearing to go when I get up in the morning. I’m thinking I’ll forego my morning run and save it for the afternoon as extra motivation to actually do work!
Wish me luck!

What’s the good and the bad for you this weekend?
Would you do a themed run? In costume? What if it slowed you down?

What’s the best new meal or food you’ve tried lately? 


2 responses to “The good and the bad…

  1. Hey Cheryl! I’m so glad you found my blog so I could find yours, I love it!! You’ve definitely got a new reader 🙂 I definitely looove your toasted cheese idea – and if your sweatshirt says what I think it says, I’m totally applying to your schools PT program (and one of my really good friends from college is in it now)!! And…I think fat totally IS a feeling. at least for us post-ED people. I feel fat when I get stressed and overwhelmed (=feeling like I have no control over my body cuz I have to maintain control over life, grades etc!) too…it’s definitley good to acknowlege it and acknowledge reality too – you’re not!

    I would TOTALLY do a themed run in costume!! Usually I target 2-3 big races in the fall and 2-3 in the spring and spend summer and winter building a base. I’d never do one of the big target races in a costume that slowed me down, but I’d do a fun-race during base building or do one as a tempo and use it as a training run!! I have yet to actually do one though – have you??

    • I have some friends in the PT program and they LOVE IT! I hope you get in.

      The only themed run I’ve done was last year’s Halloween Haunting — it’s a 10k the weekend before/of Halloween every year! My friends and I dressed as synchronized swimmers (think bathing suits over running tights, swim caps, and goggles on our heads). Even though it seems ridiculous, that was my fastest 10k EVER! I think maybe the tight suits, the fact that I was freezing, and just pure luck are the reasons behind that!

      I’m yet to decide where to spend my time/efforts/money: triathlon, cycling, or running. I love running but I’m often injured (though I’ve gotten much better at taking rest days that this has helped IMMENSELY — I know you can probably relate!), I think cycling is more fun but the races are NOT, and triathlon is a challenge (that I think might work better when I’m NOT in school!), but I like that you have at least an approach with your races!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!!

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