Saturday spin!

Last night, just as I was getting ready for bed, I happened to check my email and see a message from a spin instructor (whose class I was just so happening planning to attend this morning) looking for a sub. I snapped it up and lucky for me the class was full and full of great energy!

I think I can chalk the great workout up to a working microphone (though I lost my wind sleeve so had to be careful to breathe out through my mouth the whole time so it didn’t sound like a hurricane for the class), a little extra pressure to live up to the normal instructor’s awesome class, and well-rested legs after a day off yesterday!

I also was up in time to have a full breakfast and let it digest a little:

I got a little creative with my cereal (Kashi and All Bran Buds) and used two huge ass heaping tablespoons of peanut butter instead of yogurt, etc. as my protein/fat source! The berries needed to be eaten ASAP so I call this breakfast a shining success! Notice my tea alongside? I’m trying to make the swap! I had two coffees today (one decaf right now because I really wanted it) instead of 291010 on average the last few weeks. Go me!



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