photo form.

I am not going to write much with these ones! I am in a pretty reflective mood, I guess you could say, but I think I need to sort a lot of things out on my own before I really share them…here’s a few things:

  • I did bad on a test this week.
  • I am feeling sick and all around TIRED.
  • I miss my mother, I miss my sister, and I miss my dad. I miss my friends (even the ones who are around, because I don’t even see them).
  • I am sorer than I have been in months — I blame the TRX class I did on Thursday (which was awesome, no regrets).
  • I have all day tomorrow before I work to do whatever: I am thinking a personal (rest) day with maybe some baking, working on my portfolio (bonus since I have to do it for my online course), and sleeping in hopefully!
  • I am waiting until 9 o clock to get into my flannel pyjamas. Yes I am that much of a nerd, I realize it’s Friday night.
  • I need to write a draft of my final paper for my online course by next week. Topic: health bloggers — are they doing a good thing? a bad thing? why do people care what someone else ate for breakfast?
  • I am being a bumble bee for Halloween, but all I have are the wings. I am hoping inspiration comes to me spontaneously. Or from your comments.
Any insight on my final paper/health bloggers?
What’s your favourite way to spend a Saturday afternoon?
What are you being for Halloween?  







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