I should be studying…

Surprise, surprise! I am at the library but not quite ready to dive into my studying (for a test at 12:30, can you say procrastination?)…

So instead, I’m going to share a link and some thoughts:

“Ditch the food guilt and feel better” — This link came in one of my i village newsletters and I clicked on it because after a weekend of “faking it til I make it” or eating like the recovered person I aspire to be, I am feeling guilty.  Maybe it’s because my old jeans won’t zipper or because I feel like I overindulged (I think I still get caught in the old “well I blew it, I might as well keep eating” trap a little) or because I am worried about this test (and displacing it to my body/what to eat/when I’ll work out is such an old, easy habit to fall into), but at any rate, the article was timely.  I agree that the majority of people say “I shouldn’t be eating this” but continue to eat it. Shouldn’t you? 

I get really frustrated at meals with other people, to be 100% honest, because something is always wrong.  Maybe the salad is doused in full fat dressing, maybe there’s butter on the bread, maybe the bread is white (“white bread is death” — I heard that this weekend). Whatever it is, something’s always wrong, even if it’s the most delicious meal ever.  Often, I’ll try to say something about it to attempt to make the person who feels this guilt and says something about it effectively shut up.  Sure, they shouldn’t feel guilt over the food, but it’s more than that: by saying something is “bad” or that they “shouldn’t indulge” or whatever, they’re not only making themselves feel bad, they’re also making everyone else who might have otherwise enjoyed a meal question their own decisions.  

As frustrated as I am, I think it’s sometimes better to bite my tongue.  In situations where I do say something, it’s often awkward. I guess the thing to do is to let people figure it out on their own, but I know I want to be able to at some point make a difference.

The same thing happens when I hear people say stuff like “I’ll buy it after I lose ten pounds” about a pair of pants, or “I’d be happier if I could just lose the last five” … what if you decided that you deserved the pants now, exactly as you are or that maybe you need to figure out what will make you happy regardless of your weight? Wouldn’t it be amazing if the size of your butt didn’t impact your happiness? Sure, you might be ecstatic for a while about losing five pounds, but then what? You’re still the same old you, and the happiness is short lived. Maybe it spirals into wanting to lose five more, and then maybe just five more, etc. or maybe you get sick of it and gain it back. Is either scenario good? What if you figured out why you’re not happy, truthfully, and worked on that instead? Maybe you’re not happy cuz you’re bingeing…which in turn is making you heavier than you’d like to be. If you figured out why you’re bingeing (are you too busy? are you lonely? are you sad?) and worked on that (what can you give up? who can you reach out to? what brings you joy?), you might forget about the weight but end up exactly where you need to be anyway.

In closing, let’s get real: you’re going to go to a bunch of parties in the next few months (at Christmas, I sometimes feel like I could get by without groceries simply heading from one potluck to another). What if you decided to eat exactly what you want, not what you think you “should” eat and if you decided to keep that to yourself.  If something makes you feel so guilty, question why. Did the media convince you that chocolate is sinful? Did someone tell you butter is bad? That white bread will kill you? That pasta is evil? When did food take on such power?

FYI, white bread won’t kill you. If Nancy Clark says so, I’ll believe her. Dietitians of Canada says make HALF of your choices whole grain every day.  Sure, white bread spikes your blood sugar, but that’s only if you eat PLAIN WHITE BREAD. Add that ever-feared butter and you’ll be slowing down the absorption. I should stop rambling…and study!

Happy Monday!

What food do you find yourself eating and feeling guilty over?
How do you feel when someone says they “shouldn’t” be eating something you are also eating?



3 responses to “I should be studying…

  1. I really like this post 🙂

  2. loved this. thanks for giving me lots to think about! 🙂

  3. Thanks guys. I am glad people are reading it and if it makes you think a little bit, BONUS!

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