Bulk Barn makes me happy…





This morning started out with an early wake up! I was looking for a reunion with Sarah and she had to work at 9am, so we headed out for a longish run at 7.  I had a delicious snack last night when I got home, starving, from work: chocolate mini wheats with peanut butter (I zapped it for 30 seconds so it got melty–best idea ever!), sort of to experiment with heading out without eating for an early long run (after last week’s gastrointestinal issues, I’m up for anything, even something as formerly terrifying as going to bed full/purposefully eating enough that I wake up not feeling hungry).

Verdict: eating at night is a good strategy for me. I really missed Sarah so the run went by super fast! We did an hour together and after she went home, I went for a little extra loop–my garmin turned off (I swear, one of these days it will work for me!) but I think I did about 9 miles and it took about 1:30 (slow, but perfect).

I had a yummy breakfast–pumpkin bread toast with peanut butter and some yogurt on the side. I spent the morning working on some freelance stuff (the auto theft story, mostly) at Starbucks before work. I also made a pit stop at the LCBO (I thought I might go out tonight) and at Bulk Barn (I also entertained ideas of having a lazy movie night).

The mall was busy, and our store was a ZOO! The 5 hour shift went by so fast! Afterwards, I picked up some more goodies (chocolate, specifically) and Bridesmaids. I haven’t bought a movie in so long — and I don’t remember them being so freaking expensive! Oh well, I’m not good at downloading…and I know I love this movie!

For dinner I got creative and made pasta, meat balls (blue menu angus ones, so easy!), and peas with sautéed portobellos and onion! I topped it with good parmesan and some butter and it was amazing! I’m looking forward to leftovers.



Company or no company (friends are in then they’re out, I just want to watch this before I fall asleep!), I’m diving in headfirst to this chocolate…





One response to “Bulk Barn makes me happy…

  1. I haven’t bought a movie in forever either! But at least Bridesmaids is a great one! So funny. And that dinner looks really good!

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