Because I deserve it….

Today went by ridiculously fast–it’s bed time soon (hope to see everyone at spin first thing tomorrow)! I’m relaxing in my papazan chair, trying not tinker stress (about the articles I’m working on…because I’m excited for them, about the audition at the athletic club to be a spin sub that I’m not taking tomorrow because it would have meant teaching twice in a day and rushing fromcamo us to interrupt a glass halfway through, about the chores I haven’t done (yet)…).

I treated myself to the pumpkin pie ice cream Ive been saving in my freezer. It was all I’d hoped for and more and I topped it with extra Graham crackers to make that much more perfect. I’d you’re wondering, I had to go to multiple lob laws stores to find it, I did struggle to give myself permission, and it took a few reminders that I don’t have to binge/the extra I went back for after doesn’t make make fat or gross, it makes me normal! This is delish ice cream!

My mom came down after a full day of work and a little schoolwork today. We went shopping…lulu and a clutch for my sister’s super soon wedding (yay) and the had dinner. I needed a pep talk in a big way and a reminder that things will veg better or I will make them better. We also cheered me up with pumpkin spice coffees (yeah, I’m going start looking like a pumpkin soon) before the retail therapy.

All in all, today was the kind of day I needed. Work is always fun, especially when people are happy (which they were), I love visits from my mom, and in feel good when I struggle a little with ed stuff and end up the winner!




6 responses to “Because I deserve it….

  1. Hey Cheryl! I’ve been reading some past entries of your blog and I love it. πŸ™‚

    Are you talking about the President’s Choice pumpkin ice cream? Where did you find it? I’m dying to try it! But I think I’m going to have a hard time “allowing” myself to indulge too. Ice cream has always been a major fear food for me. But that ice cream sounds too good NOT to try!

    • Hey! I found it at the Loblaws at Oxford/Hyde Park (by Remark).

      I think it’s good to challenge yourself, but do it when you’re feeling strong and not when you’re vulnerable (i.e. I didn’t want to bring it in during midterms, sometimes during exams I have to make a pact with myself to just focus on STAYING in the process of recovering and stop beating myself up if i’m not 100% recovered…YET).

      If ya need a partner in crime to tackle this ice cream, I’m your girl! OR if you want to make pumpkin ice cream with real pumpkin so we can call it a source of veggies πŸ˜‰ let me know!

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  3. I keep binging 😦
    I feel I honestly need a “detox”…but fear doing that when I’m already low weight…I don’t know how to do that whilst not compromising health. But pounding this in isn’t helping 😦

    • Bingeing vs a detox are two opposites and I think for me at least when I do too much in one direction I inevitably end up in the other. I hope you find some peace and some balance, but I don’t think you can force it or try to “make up” for it. Every minute is a new beginning, then every hour, then every meal, then every day, then every week. And there’s no right or wrong. I think you can do this! ❀

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