Migraine…wake up call!

So, for those of you who haven’t heard me complain about my migraines before, here goes: I HATE migraines. Some people get them because of trigger foods (dark chocolate, red wine, whatever) or because of pressure changes. I know that mine were a heck of a lot worse when I tried taking the pill for a few months (I was getting them every other day nearly) so that there could be some hormonal piece. I also know that I tend to get them after I am really stressed (which I guess is better than getting them while I’m really stressed and need to be on the ball).

I fear migraines. I have gotten them before and have had to do things like teach a spin class and a yoga class through them or to walk home from class not being able to see. The worst part is the aura that I get before hand–always I lose my vision and sometimes it’s like I’m having a stroke (my speech is funny, I can’t feel my arm or my hands sometimes) and I know what’s happening.

Today’s came on during class so I walked home immediately (sorry to anyone I was rude to en route) after taking my medicine (Maxalt, which is by no means a cure all) and laid down. I slept on and off for almost four hours, threw up once, and then finally felt okay to walk and get my car.  After not eating for nearly 7 hours, I was starving so I drove to the store and after much debate (and a pep talk from my mom), I got what I was hungry for and just decided to eat it.

caesar salad with chicken strips (craving satisfied!) plus a whole grain dinner roll

I feel a little off now and rather than beat myself up for NOT doing my laundry, cleaning, reading, and the writing I’d wanted to today, I am listening to what’s going on. I think that the migraines are a way of forcing me to slow down entirely. I wish it didn’t take something so awful as an attack to make me realize it, but at least I am sitting here now and just letting myself relax instead of doing doing doing.

I’m currently enjoying a mocha and here come some random-ness:

  • I have been commenting on other people’s blogs more and I think that it’s important — I read em every day, I might as well participate! I might not know what I want this blog to be, but oh well.
  • I am worried about next week when I SHOULD be extremely excited. While I’m looking forward to my sister’s wedding, I had an oh crap moment when I realized I will be missing out on work outs Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday. The guilt over the missed workouts is nowhere near as bad as the guilt over the fact that I would even feel guilty for something so stupid and selfish–my sister is getting married for gosh sake! I should be SO excited for the weekend.
  • Kaitlin’s opinion piece about making the most of university in the Gazette today was so freaking timely it’s scary. It’s time for me to get my arse into the Gazette, start valuing the writing that I’ve wanted to do/have been doing, and to just focus on the big stuff instead of the little to-dos that I like to get so caught up with.
  • I bought another book — if you saw the stack of things I want to read, you’d laugh. I love books though and I refuse to feel bad about spending money on them, especially when they come from bloggers! It’s called Life After College (I know I’m not there yet) and the author also has a blog. Not sure if it’s a coincidence or what that her most recent post is about living in New York (another weird coincidence that freaks me out).
  • Tomorrow is a much needed rest day and I am keeping it that way. I had the thought of getting up early and going to spin but to be honest, working the full day and then spending the evening with my mom (yay!) will be enough to keep me busy and there are plenty of other things I can use my energy on.
How do you know when your stress has gotten out of hand?
What do you think about all the scary coincidences telling me to go for it?

2 responses to “Migraine…wake up call!

  1. I wish I could figure out what triggers mine. I think mine are either the weather or stress. Or because I get stressed about the weather lol.

    • You make me laugh! I know a lot of people whose change with the pressure–but I don’t think they get the aura and side effects. What do you take for yours? I feel like I’m in a fog even the next day — and I usually can’t work out as hard, my heart rate won’t work, etc. NOT COOL!

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