Campus Rec Website

Last night, I spent some time getting started on something I am REALLY excited about: Challenge of the Week from campus rec! Our first week’s challenge, to set a goal for the semester/year, is up! The challenge becomes now getting people to actually get into it. I posted links to Campus Rec’s Facebook page and to the twitter account I just made but so far nobody’s posted a goal or tweeted at us (or followed us)…this makes me sad!

This is one of the really cool things I get to do with this job. Having an awesome boss (HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHELLE!) and being able to write for the website, get people setting goals/making healthy changes/etc. is SO COOL!

With the weekly challenges, I’m going to go ahead and post em for you guys here too. Double whammy, so make sure you take this week’s on and set a goal like I am!

How do you think I can get people into this?
Do you tweet?  



2 responses to “Campus Rec Website

  1. If it’s a Campus Rec thing, maybe put up posters. Gym-goers usually love a challenge!

  2. I think we are going to offer a prize or two!

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