I don’t really need an excuse to be lazy, drink coffee, and blog…but the rain would be a perfect one if I did!

Yesterday was my first Olympic distance triathlon at Lakeside — I can officially call myself a triathlete now. 1500m swim, 40km bike, 10km run — check! I finished in 2:43:06 even with an iffy foot! My boss from the gym did the try-a-tri (she did awesome) and took some pictures of me (warning: triathlon is not really a cute sport).

...speed is more important than looking cute!

too much gu

I swear I try to smile...

There are more pictures on this website, but they’re not tagged yet! When they are, you can search bib number 168 to see me!

If you had seen me before the race, I was a cold, nervous wreck. Luckily I had a friend who was volunteering to calm me down when I got lost driving there — twice! It’s ridiculous because I think I get lost in the same way every time I go (this was my fourth time heading to the venue, I’ve done the duathlons there for the last few summers). I told my mom, who came to cheer me on, “I don’t want to do this” before I headed to the water. Luckily, the water felt warmer than the air and I started to relax. A friend from my program at Western racked her bike next to mine and gave me a little more confidence and showed me how to spit in my goggles so they wouldn’t get foggy (for the record, you REALLY have to spit in them, not just a little).

I started out a little nervous and to be honest I had to breathe every other stroke at first to keep from hyperventilating. My wetsuit (which I bought when I was about 5 or 10 pounds lighter at the beginning of the summer) felt tight and I was anxious so I just focused on staying calm and swimming straight. The course was two loops of 750m, so after I finished the first I settled into a rhythm. I knew I wasn’t last in my wave (women under 49) but I knew I was also pretty far off of the fastest. When I did see the results afterwards, I was surprised that I did it in 30:46 (3 minutes faster than I had in the pool)!

My first transition was uber slow because I couldn’t get my wetsuit off and I layered up for what I anticipated would be a chilllllly ride! My garmin stopped working almost immediately out on the course so I just focused on catching girls and being able to breathe. I tried to drink and ate 2 gus on the ride (I had my normal oatmeal, apple, and peanut butter breakfast before we headed to the site as well as a granola bar when I was suiting up plus some gatorade). I had to pee so I found it hard to drink enough, and I paid for it later…

Coming off the bike I knew I was still somewhere decent in the group but I wanted to have a fast run! My foot felt fine — thank god for adrenaline — but I could hear my stomach sloshing and I felt sick to my stomach. I blame it on too much gu without enough water and am taking it as a frustrating lesson! I ran the 10k in about 50 minutes, which isn’t a bad time, but I know I could have gone faster!

All in all, I am happy with my performance but really motivated to work on my technique over the winter and to come back next season and really race! As one of my friends said, your first season you kind of feel like you’re just a participant, but then you decide that you want to actually race! I still think I will take it as a hobby and not get too crazed about training, but I’d like to see a winter of swimming especially and hopefully some work on my running pay off next season!

Yesterday my mom and I spent the afternoon looking for a clutch for me for my sister’s wedding — no luck! I ate everything I could get my hands on, including half a box of Kashi pita crisps (damn you for only being available in the states), Timmie’s chill I’d been craving, pumpkin spice coffee, and steak and potatoes and green beans for dinner, yogurt and cereal at bedtime, and a bunch of chocolate covered almonds. To be honest that’s not too much more than I’d normally have (besides maybe the pita chips and the extra almonds), so I understand why I still feel like I could eat a horse today…

Today I went to swimming and swam easy to recover. I realized just how tired my legs are and I am reminded of it every time I come across a set of stairs. I’ve got a busy afternoon ahead (I did some work this morning for the gym after my class) with work at the gym and a writing assignment about how to keep your care safe from theft! I wish I had a pic of my delicious post-swim breakfast: pumpkin and plain yogurt with pumpkin pie spice, Kashi and All Bran buds, and raisins (LOVE pumpkin for breakfast–veggies in the morning!).

I’m glad to be really busy–my sister is getting married in 12 days, my jobs are busy, I’ve got writing assignments (plus I can’t wait to get into the Gazette to volunteer), I want to start working on my applications for journalism school, etc., otherwise I think I’d be feeling the let down after my triathlon season! I guess the off-season is just a different kind of season, but I’m still a triathlete!

Enjoy this rainy day!

Do you like pumpkin?
What’s your favourite new food find (mine’s obviously the pita crackers!)?
How do you deal with post-event blues? 


2 responses to “I LOVE YOU RAIN!

  1. Cheryl, congrats on finishing so strong on Sunday! You looked amazing on the run (the only portion of the race I saw you) and I had no idea your foot was hurting. I hope my “you gotta hork in the goggles” tidbit of advice worked for you; it usually works for me. It’s funny that I randomly racked my bike right beside yours but you definitely helped me relax a bit before the race. It was great seeing you this past weekend!

    • Lisa–too funny about the goggle tidbit, but you don’t know how grateful I am for the advice AND for the familiar face. I was ready to cry before that race, so I need all the comfort I could get. I was chasing you on the bike, for sure–and you and everyone else there are pretty inspiring. I LOVE triathlon and triathletes 🙂 I hope I see you at more races!

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