Sunshine vs. Weldon

Weldon is winning!

Window seat, coffee, and lots to do...

It might be sunny out and the first week of school, but I am determined to get into a routine!

Luckily this morning I woke up at 5:29am and had to pee — my phone was on silent and my 5:25am alarm didn’t go off! I made it to swimming on time and did the warmup with the coached group before moving to a normal fit lane to swim my 1500m continuous swim! I felt good, sweaty, and slow.  It took about 33 minutes to do the distance, which would be an amazing time in open water for my first race BUT I have to take into account other swimmers, the fact that it is in open water, my lack of skills in terms of sighting/swimming straight, and that I’ll be wearing my wetsuit (which I am hoping will actually HELP!).

Before my swim, I had a clif bar. I am not sure if this is a good choice for all of my morning workouts, but it worked for me on Monday so I went with it. Next time I see the dietitian, I will ask for more options. I would like to make my own bars since even though clif bars are not the worst kind out there, they’re still a bar and it would be nice to have a more natural version.

I had packed a breakfast similar to Monday’s treat with the trail mix (no handful of m&m’s this time, though) but it was extremely unappealing. I was hungry for something warm so I used my extra time before 8:30 class to grab a bagel at the Spoke.  Can you believe that in five years at Western I’ve not had a bagel from there? Lucky for me there was a new flavour–Canadian Harvest–full of grains and seeds, etc. that was perfectly appealing! I ordered it plain and took peanut butter to add myself. With a plain yogurt, my rumbling tummy was more than happy with this choice (and it was less than two dollars!).

Canadian Harvest bagel with peanut butter = yum! Plain yogurt on the side!

I struggled to pay attention in class (Social Foundations of Sport and Physical Activity) and mostly played on my iPhone…oops! Usually I make good on my plans to NOT take my phone out during class for about a week, this year it’s not any different!

I am at the library now, enjoying my coffee and wondering what work to dive into first. Readings? Notes? Campus rec work? I’ve got more class, an appointment, some training at the gym, and then I’ve got to run to lululemon this evening to do some extra work! It will be a busy, but hopefully PRODUCTIVE day!

just cuz!

Have a good day!

Ever had a bagel from the spoke? What’s your fave?
Do you ever pack a lunch, etc. and then feel bad about not eating it? Oops!


One response to “Sunshine vs. Weldon

  1. Sounds like a great day! I wish I was still a student with all that flexibility (i.e. just chilling in the middle of the day).

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