Where’d the day go?

Where did today go?

I woke up, decided to wait on my workout until after work, and had a tasty breakfast that I ate before I could take a picture (Kashi, Fibre 1, cinnamon sugar almonds, raisins, an apple, and warm soy milk with coffee of course). I was going to do some work on my computer before I went in for my 11 o clock call in but I ended up realizing I was desperately in need of ink instead!

I went to Walmart but they were sold out of ink (as was Zellers, hmmph for buying the same cheapo printer as every other student in this town, apparently). Turns out I wasn’t needed at work til noon but I still ended up a little rushed, though I found ink at Future Shop and had time to snarf my lunch (ham and cheese sandwich, another apple) before my shift.

My afternoon got messed up (I was supposed to be done at 4 and have an appointment at 5) so I took it as an opportunity to get my training plan workout in in full for a change! I drove to Springbank and did my short (40 minutes) run. I left my iPod in the car and used the time to think and sort out all of the worries I’ve been dealing with lately…perfect! I feel pretty good about this weekend, especially since it will be my first Olympic distance race and I’ve got nothing to compare against.

After my run, I did 50 minutes of easy spinning at the Athletic Club. I could probably have gotten out on my real bike, but the weather was looking threatening and I was driving past the gym anyways! It dragged on (karma?) but I felt good after–RAVENOUS though! I’d had some grapes before my run, but it caught up with me!

When I got home I made a pita with chicken, lettuce, and light mayo and had a big ceasar salad with maybe more croutons than lettuce (and ate a bunch of chicken and croutons as I was prepping–something I hate doing!). I packed my breakfast and lunch for tomorrow (I won’t want to do it at 5:30am before swimming) and found myself still hungry and picking at cereal. I decided to just have a snack, but I had my shower first. I made myself a decaf coffee and had some graham crackers (even though I am thinking they are just glorified cookies, I’m going with it because I was hungry for something sweet and country).

Right now, rather than having chaotic eating, I’m trying to get back to a basic plan. I struggle though, because I also see the value in eating intuitively (i.e. the graham crackers) though I’ve been finding myself overeating lately. I know it means I need to check in with myself and see what’s really up (right now I’m anxious about everything that is coming up and about my grad school applications, mostly) but I still find this all difficult!

In other news, I am going to sign up for this awesome event at Hope’s Garden in October. I love Jenni Schaefer, as you guys know! Her books are amazing and I cannot wait to see her! It’s a little pricey, but I think it will be worth it.

This post ended up being entirely pointless, and for that I apologize. I just realized I like blogging, and the time I spend on a post is well-spent since it actually helps me sort things out. Maybe I should have made the URL more to the tune of “online diary”.

I do have a little bit of a dilemma: my plan was to do a half marathon in October or November, but I realize that it’s going to add more stress and maybe not be the most enjoyable if I rush into it. THEN I hear myself saying, I’m going to run anyways, I might as well do a race. My training for the triathlon has gotten me to a point where I feel pretty confident (plus, I did a 16km run last Sunday that I think would be the longest I’d have to do on most half marathon training plans)…but I know that the first weekend in October is a write-off for my sister’s wedding, the second is Thanksgiving…and then comes the October race I was considering! It’s a small one in Sarnia called the Bluewater Trails Half Marathon and I know I could wait and register that week if I feel confident, whereas the one that I was looking at in November will sell out long before (or so I’ve heard). DECISIONS!

Anyone interested in joining me for the Hope’s Garden event?
Any thoughts on my half marathon dilemma?


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