This is uber exciting….

After a few weeks of being unmotivated (burnt out) and way too stressed, I think I’m starting to find balance!

What’s new:
. Apple should sponsor me…MacBook yesterday and iPhone today make for a happy but broke cheryl!
. My olympic distance tri is Sunday!
. School is busy but Iove it.
. My sister’s wedding is in three weeks and holy crap that’s exciting!
. Lulu is awesome.
. Assistant coordinator is busy but I’m learning lots!
. Christmas is in a short 103 sleeps.
. I’ve been m I a because I’m stressing over everything (journalism applications particularly).
. I miss blogging.

That’s all… Except today’s post swim second breakfast was notably trail mix and multigrain cheerios with the beat idea ever…the addition of m and ms from a quarter machine!

multigrain cheerios, trail mix, and m&ms (25 cents buys a lot these days!)...

-is candy for breaky legit?
-how do you balance applications for grad school or work with work and school and life?


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