Fresh Start September

I just got a brand new issue of Yoga Journal today and it reminded me of something: September is just as good a time as any to have a fresh start! I am not one for all or nothing thinking or saying “tomorrow I will change” but I am one for starting NOW and it just so happens that it’s pretty darn close to September 1 (90 minutes to go, to be exact). While Yoga Journal’s idea of a fresh start is more of a gentle detox, I always feel a sort of excitement and potential and possibility in the air come September (it’s usually accompanied by the smell of fresh books, the feel of new highlighters, and a back to school shopping spree!).

I was browsing Woman’s Day the other day and I read this article about fresh fall starts (the idea is everywhere, and yes I browse all kinds of magazines—don’t judge!). I like the author’s thoughts:

“September fills me with energy and optimism, big plans and bigger dreams…It’s paradoxical, I know. Fall represents the end of things: the summer, and the year drawing to a close. But for anyone who remembers that sensation of optimism and excitement—the smell of freshly sharpened pencils and new shoes, the terror and thrill of walking into a new classroom—September is when things really begin.”

The more I hear about people who are not going back to school, the more grateful I am to be.  I’m not actually ready for the next chapter but I am ready for taking a different approach.

I’ve got some goals for September:

  • complete the Olympic triathlon at Lakeside
  • host/enjoy my sister’s bachelorette/bridal shower-ish party
  • swim consistently (at least twice per week)
  • continue to work towards intuitive eating
  • get 7 hours of sleep each night
  • establish a routine with school and work
  • volunteer at the Gazette at least once per week
  • bike to Sarnia
  • bake cake pops
  • pitch a story to at least one new magazine
  • start to work on my journalism applications (contact references, maybe write an essay, etc.)

That’s not a bad place to start!

Just cuz..


What are your goals for September?


One response to “Fresh Start September

  1. Great post Cheryl! This will be the second year I’m not going back to school in September, and it seems like every year I miss it more. Your quote from Woman’s Day about September being a real start, is true even in the working world. Although I don’t get to start anew each September, I still feel like it’s a great time to really look at what’s important and set new goals. My main goal for September is to have a super-solid month of marathon training. Then October is taper time!

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